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International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology (IJHIT) is an international, high quality, peer reviewed open access journal which publishes articles in all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies.
International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology (IJHIT)
The main objective of the Journal is to discuss global prospects and innovations concerning major issues of all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies, to publish new scientific results of all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies. The Journal seeks to stimulate the initiation of new research and ideas in all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies. for the purpose of integration and interaction of international specialists in the development of cognitive science as interdisciplinary knowledge.

International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology

IJHIT particularly welcomes articles on the results of scientific research in various fields of all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies. Catering for international and multidisciplinary audience.
Visit us at for archives of published papers.
For more details of the journal IJHIT, you can visit us at
For Call for Papers and other allied journals of SERSC, visit us at
Send papers for publication to IJHIT to


Highest priority is given to research reports that are specifically written for a multidisciplinary audience. The audience is primarily researchers in cognitive science and its associated fields, including all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies.
International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology (IJHIT) is currently the only journal in which the focus is the investigation of all areas of science, engineering, technology and other areas of interdisciplinary studies.

Who We Are
Pen2Print is an association of independent editors and professionals with passion for editing. Our main motto is to serve our clients with the best.
What We Do
We provide Editing and Proofreading to our clients.
Difference Between Copywriting and Proofreading

Why Outsource Your Editing Work?
We can save you thousands of rupees per year in employee-related taxes with our flexible fee based on the amount of work done.
Importance of Editing
You might think that there is less need for copyediting/language editing now that authors can use computer software to check spelling and even grammar: why can’t the author simply provide the typesetter with a formatted, spellchecked file to turn into a book? Although a computer is a useful tool for the copyeditor, it cannot read for sense, repetition, or ambiguity. It will not pick up libel, errors of fact or misleading, or potentially dangerous information. The copyeditor is the reader’s advocate and the author’s ambassador, and in this electronic age has a more pivotal role than ever before in guiding the book through the complexities of the production process.
Confidentiality of Your Documents
At Pen2Print, we believe in professional ethics, quality service and value addition, while meeting client requirements. We take utmost care to safeguard our clients’ information. If required, we can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Pen2Print Advantages
·  Affordable
·  Experienced editors
·  Client delight
·  Flexibility and many more
Note: We are open to edit sample file based on your specification.

Have a happy day!

Best Regards,
Editor, Pen2Print Services 
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

EduPub Editing Services.

The first truly affordable book editing solution for self-published authors.

Every book needs editing, yet editing yourself is nearly impossible. Even bestselling authors would never dream of attempting it. Hiring an experienced book editor is often the best investment you can make for your book, and your writing career.

Pen2Print Editing Services is for authors who need premium book editing for an affordable price. We’ve negotiated special rates with an exclusive network of editors from around the globe. These editors work with traditionally published authors in every genre, including many on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Now for the first time ever, self-published authors have the opportunity to work directly with these topflight editors.

Affordable editing, optimized for the independent author
Choose the editing service you need:
Copy Editing: $7 per page

A basic word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues.
Check for typographical errors, spelling errors, and consistency aspects, correction of grammatical and linguistic errors, attention to punctuation.
A review to ensure accurate and consistent usage.
Editing time: 6 to 8 business days

Line Editing: $10 per page

A more intensive structural edit that focuses on the finer aspects of language—the flow of ideas, transition elements, tone, and style.
Includes all of the services performed in EduPub Copy Editing plus:
Correction of awkward constructions and suggestions to make sentences crisper and tighter by fixing redundancy.
Review of key aspects of the manuscript—the narrative, vocabulary, structure, characterization, style, and development.
Editor's notes and overall comments.
Editing time: 8 to 10 business days

Send manuscript for publication to

1. Choose the book editing service you need.

2. Upload your Word document.

3. Retrieve your professionally edited manuscript in 8-10 business days.

You don’t have to place a book order to take advantage of our book editing services. All you need is your finished manuscript to get things started.
You don’t need book editing. You don’t need cover design. You need a ton of printed book copies, and you need them fast.

Whether you’re an agency that needs booklets for an upcoming tradeshow or a healthcare professional publishing a medical journal, Pen2Print is the best choice for efficient offset printing for your books. Our New Jersey based printing facility can deliver affordable offset book printing that maintains the professional quality you need, from copy to copy.

Why Pen2Print is your best offset printer choice:

Fastest lead times
Our high-speed offset presses produce millions of books annually for clients around the globe. Got a deadline? Ask about our guaranteed delivery date options.
Free prepress review
Your order includes a comprehensive pre-press review from our book printing experts.
Dedicated and knowledgeable printing specialists just a phone call away
Your personal printing specialist is ready to discuss your project details and provide a fast quote. Call us now 9557022047 or mail to 
Print more, save more
Quantity price breaks make for lower unit costs.
Free shipping

Offset printing vs. digital printing: What’s the difference?

Offset printing

Best suited for large print runs (1,000+ copies). Ink is transferred from a metal printing plate onto a rubber sheet and then rolled onto paper being fed through a press.

Digital book printing

Works similar to your home printer, using toner instead of printing plates. Its process is best for smaller print runs, usually ranging from one to 1,000 book copies.

Why sacrifice quality just because you need a large number of books printed fast?
When you self-publish books in bulk, Pen2Print's already affordable book printing prices become downright cheap—and are still printed in the USA with the same quality and craftsmanship we're known for. Whether you need 25 printed books or 25,000, EduPub is your best choice for efficient, premium-quality book printing at a wholesale price.

Why Pen2Print is your best choice for wholesale book printing:

Fastest lead times

Print more, save more

Price breaks at 250, 500, 1000, and greater quantities.

Made in the USA

Our book printing facility is located just outside Philadelphia.

Experienced printers

We've been a commercial printer for over 7 years.
No middleman

Every order is printed by our in-house professionals.

Quick production times

Take a look at our production chart and see how quickly you can receive your books.Write us to 

On demand printing is the biggest revolution in book printing since the Gutenberg press, making it convenient and affordable for self-published authors to print and sell their books straight to readers around the world.

In the past, self-published authors were plagued with large upfront costs, printing more books than necessary, and managing excess inventory on their own. Print On Demand erases those troubles with an efficient small-run printing process that still provides maximum exposure, but with more author control and minimal investment.

Why Pen2Print POD is the best way to deliver your printed books

Low upfront costs: No inventory is needed so you can avoid having to purchase and store hundreds of books.
Your complete publishing solution: Add Print On Demand to any printed book order (of 25 or more), and we’ll take care of everything—managing your book production, shipping, and—most importantly—paying your royalties.
Reach millions of readers: Your printed books will be available at Amazon, B&N, Powell’s and thousands of other stores and wholesale bookstore catalogs like Ingram and Baker & Taylor, around the world. Just like the big-name authors!
Print On Demand is available for all of our most popular trim sizes, including Digest, US Trade, Small Square (perfect bound only), Square, Landscape, and US Letter.

Here's how it works
Your book is purchased

Customers order and pay for your book online through stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or wholesale book networks including Ingram or Baker & Taylor.
The order comes directly to us

We print, bind and package the order—even if it’s just one copy.
Books are shipped

Printed books are shipped back to the retailer or wholesaler for fulfillment to their buyers.
You get paid

We collect the payment, deduct all printing and selling costs, and pay you the net sales.
Did you know that when you choose not to publish an eBook you’re losing between 35-40% of your potential reading audience? And if you elect to only publish an eBook, you're missing out a whole world of readers who still value the tactile experience of holding a book.

There’s no question that it’s critical to produce your book as both a printed book and eBook. Our most accomplished authors do this, and you should too in order for your book to reach the widest audience possible.

That’s why we offer the Complete Self-Publishing Package—it provides everything your book needs, all in one simple order:

25 custom-printed books

eBook conversion and global distribution

Professional cover design

Formatting for your printed book & eBook file

Worldwide distribution with Print On Demand

Direct-to-reader sales with Pen2Print™

New! Facebook Ads for Authors with campaign development

ISBNs for your printed book & eBook

Call +91-9557022047 to get started.

Why Pen2Print is your best choice for printed books & eBooks

Self-publishing doesn't have to be complicated. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your journey from writer to author as easy as possible. We provide everything you need to make the printed book of your dreams:

The only 100%  satisfaction guarantee in the industry
Amazing customer service from self-publishing experts
High-quality, full-color in-house book printing
Free shipping on most book orders
The largest eBook retail network–EduPub introduces your book to more readers worldwide than anyone else
Expert file conversion–Our pros will convert your digital document so it’s viewable on every eReader, tablet and smartphone
We are the only self-publishing company that sends you a finished proof of your eBook.
Enjoy more royalties with direct-to-reader sales–Pen2Print is your one-stop shop to sell both eBooks and printed books straight to your readers

Print On Demand (POD)

When your book is ordered, we print and ship your book direct to the customer. Your printed book will be available through the largest distribution network and retail sites. Books are printed as needed, no need for warehousing.

eBook Conversion and Distribution

You also get our famous eBook Self-Publishing Package, which includes conversion of your manuscript into ePub and .mobi files along with eBook distribution to the largest retail network in the world. 

Cover Design

Designing a book cover is an art. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in print and eBook cover design in a wide variety of genres and will create a custom book cover that you can be proud of. Basic cover design (for both eBook and printed books) is included with the Complete Publishing Package.

Facebook Ads for Authors

Advertising on Facebook can be challenging at first—especially if you don’t have general experience with social networking or book promotion. But that’s where our social media experts come in: they have the skills and knowledge to create a professional Facebook ad campaign that targets an audience of readers who are likely to have interest in your book. 

Sell your book in the world’s biggest bookstores

eBook distribution

Printed book distribution

Printed book distribution is done through in house Pen2Print services. 

How to Get Published

Send manuscript for review to 

Many reasons exist for a person wanting to self-publish a book. These reasons are nearly as varied as humanity itself, and most of course are valid. The important thing is that you identify your own motives. Do you want to make a lot of money? Are you doing it for your own satisfaction? Do you have a niche market that you can successfully target with your publication?
Important Questions To Answer
 As you embark on this journey, you will have a number of key questions. Some of the most critical questions cover the following:
The more clearly you understand your motivations and what your goals are, the more likely you are to be successful.  Remember, aside from writing an interesting book, there are a host of other issues that need to be addressed.
Reaching Your Goals
The good news is that no matter your goals, there is excellent help available for your project. Whether you are in need of copyediting, proofreading, indexing or book cover design, you can connect with a reputable company that will help you make your book the best it can be.
Contact Us for Publication related services 
  1. Initiate a Payment Request
    • Login to UPI app and tap on 'UPI' or scan.
    • Click on 'Send Money using VPA (UPI)'.
    • Fill in details, amount and remarks. If you have multiple accounts / virtual payment addresses, choose the VPA you would like to debit. Click on 'Submit'.
    • Check the details and click on 'Confirm' to initiate your Fund Transfer.
    • Now fund transfer has become faster, safer, and hassle free.
      You can send money using your unique BHIM / UPI ID from your Mobile phone
    • Pay to Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd through QB code given below 
    • Our upi address is edupub@icici

For self-publishing authors, the buck stops with you. You are in charge and in control of every step of the production process. Once you’ve written the content, it’s great if you have friends or family willing to proofread, but it’s important to hire an editor. Here are three reasons why an editor can help make your book the best it can be:
  1. Objective Feedback
 Your book is your baby, but once it’s out of your hands, you don’t have any control over how it is perceived. An editor can offer feedback that can help you shape the work in a clear, linear way and better avoid any problems that you may have missed.
  1. Professional Proofreading
 Having error-free sentences gives your writing credibility. If your work is laden with grammar and story structure mistakes, not only is it difficult to read, but the reader will not trust you as an authority. An editor will catch these errors before you publish your work.
  1. A Writing Masterclass
 Beyond the concrete services of an editor, the knowledge of craft that an editor can impart is invaluable. By receiving constructive criticism, you can grow and develop as a writer. In the future, you will not make the same mistakes that you may have made on this draft.
If you’re ready to have an editor help you get your book in shape, contact Pen2Print. We have author services that include copy editing and proofreading so that you can put your best book forward.
Once you have your manuscript ready, the next important thing to do would be to reach out to professional editing services rendered by a reputed service provider.
Contact Pen2Print for services through 
The best part about being an indie author is that you get complete control over your book. But with freedom comes a myriad of options. For publishing, should you choose hardcover or paperback? 
The Case for Hardcover
For many people, hardcover books evoke fond memories of libraries. Hardcovers also give a book a professional, weighty look. For indie authors, having a hardcover book can be a great gift or giveaway item. Traditionally, new books from big publishers come out in hardcover first before going to paperback. This serves as a visual cue for reviewers that the book is brand new and worth coverage.
However, it is important to keep in mind that hardcover books come at a high cost. Generally, each of these books sells for upwards of $25. That price point can make them exclusive for many readers and can be expensive upfront.
The Case for Paperback
Paperbacks are a lot more cost-effective and open your work to a wider audience. They often have splashy covers and are a great deal lighter than their hardcover counterparts, which makes them easier to carry or pack
The con for paperbacks is that they are less likely to be reviewed by major publications. When deciding between the two options, it is best to set realistic expectations and determine your target audience.
Whether you choose hardcover or paperback, you need to approach a reliable service provider to make  your book a success. 
Send manuscript to 
Whether you are a book publisher or an author who self-publishes, you need to get your books into the hands of buyers. Depending on the book’s production cost and format, some distribution channels may not be feasible. Thanks to technological advancements and traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores, the distribution strategies for publishers are changing. Talking with readers and other individuals in your target audience about how they find out about new books and where they buy them are key to developing a distribution strategy. 
Wholesale distribution refers to the use of established book wholesalers, to provide fulfillment of book orders from bookstores and libraries. It is important to understand that wholesalers are primarily passive suppliers who are dependent on publishers and authors to drive sales.
Distribution Channels 
There are two primary channels through which books are distributed: wholesalers and distributors.
  • Wholesalers process and ship book orders to booksellers and lenders, regardless of whether they are physical bookstores and libraries or online. Self-publishers often list their books with these organizations. However, authors are responsible for creating demand.
  • Distributors promote and sell books to libraries and retailers. They generally buy books at significant discounts, store them, then ship as needed to their network. Depending on the book niche, there are some distributors that may be more appropriate than others.
Books could be printed or made digital. Ebooks are in demand and readily available for sale electronically through a wide range of retailers. Contact Pen2Print to learn more about how Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd can help you complete your manuscript for publication.
Send mail to 
You’ve probably heard that you should never judge a book by its cover. While that’s a nice precedent, it doesn’t sync with reality. If you’ve ever walked into a book store and picked up a book because you were drawn to its design, you know that first impressions really do matter. Here’s why you should leverage the power of a great book cover as one of your most impactful marketing tools.
Be Seen
There are millions of books readers can choose from, so yours needs to stand out from the rest. Potential readers rely on book covers to pique their interest and draw them in, especially if they have no idea what’s written inside. Your book cover needs to make a good first impression and stand out from the crowd if you want readers to buy it.
Hire a Designer
It’s worth it to hire a professional book cover designer instead of trying to create the cover yourself. Surprisingly, hiring a book cover designer can be remarkably affordable. In addition to having the experience necessary to design compelling covers, professional book cover designers also know what’s trending at the moment and can give you insight into what sells and what doesn’t.
Learn More
BUUKS offers multiple services to self-publishing authors, including book cover design, editing, eBook creation and conversion services. To find out how we can help you create a book cover that doubles as an effective marketing tool, contact Pen2Print at your convenience. 
Mail to 

When you daydreamed as a child about becoming an author, you probably imagined holding a printed book in your hands. While print books are still popular and won’t go away anytime soon, eBooks are proving their prowess by rising in popularity year after year. In fact, according to one survey, the majority of readers equally prefer eBooks to print books. Here’s why you should consider publishing eBooks.
Nothing takes the place of a tangible book when you want to curl up and immerse yourself in a story. However, not everyone has time to do this. Many readers have no choice but to snatch their adventures in short bursts. eBooks are incredibly convenient for those who want to read on-the-go. So, if you’re working toward a printed book (or if you’ve already published one), consider creating an eBook version as well to appeal to a wider audience.
It’s not practical to carry dozens of printed books around with you wherever you go, but anyone with a smart phone or tablet has access to hundreds or even thousands of books at a time. This portability makes the eBook very appealing for tech-savvy readers.
If you’re looking for affordable and quick ways to get your book on the market, you can’t beat the eBook route. Getting your book published becomes even easier when you recruit the assistance of an experienced publishing company like EduPub. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your publishing goals. 
Think about your favorite book. What draws you to it and makes you want to read it multiple times? Excellent content is probably at the top of your list, but have you considered the book’s interior design? When you open the cover, are you greeted with easy-to-read text, clear chapter formatting and clean lines? Here’s why interior design is just as important as cover design.

Hold Interest
A good book cover can entice someone to take a peek inside, but if the interior of the book is poorly designed, most readers won’t bother finishing it. One easy way you can capture a reader’s attention is by creating an interior design that has good flow. This includes chapters or natural separations in the book and clear text in a font that’s large enough to read easily. You should also make sure your book includes page numbers, running heads, chapter openings and other proper book elements.
Create Special Effects
Instead of filling your book with paragraphs of consistent lengths, try using paragraphs of multiple lengths to draw attention to certain parts of the story and create special effects. For example, short paragraphs can slow the reader down or induce feelings of expectation while long paragraphs can mimic the narrator’s “stream of consciousness”.
Get Design Help
Whether you need to streamline the interior of your book or perfect your cover design, EduPub can help. Contact us today to find out how we can get your book market-ready in minimally time.
Write a mail to 
Publishing can be a challenging business, but it can also spark great opportunities for success. The key is to make sure you publish content that speaks to your intended audience. Need a little inspiration? Here are three current self-publishing trends.
Short and Sweet
Instead of wanting to “get their money’s worth” by purchasing books with many pages, today’s busy readers prefer to purchase shorter books that hold their attention until the last page. Aim for around 50,000 words and you’ll appeal to people who have limited time to read.
People love to laugh, especially about subjects that tend to be dry or confrontational. Political and social satire are both popular, but keep in mind that politic and social topics tend to come and go quickly. The key to finding success in this niche is to create and publish content rapidly, before the topics you cover in your book become outdated.
Social Campaigns
Pay attention to current social campaigns and you can get some great ideas for books. Many authors follow popular hashtags to zero in on topics that appeal to a wide audience. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you can use real-world experience to become an authority on practically any social topic.
Get Started
Ready to publish your book? Pen2Print can help you get started by providing publishing advice for new and established authors.
Send manuscript to 
Writing a book is a huge achievement, but making sure your book is market-ready is the next important step. Here are a few ways to tell if your book is ready to be published.

Pitch Your Book To a Stranger
If you can confidently pitch your book to a stranger and pique their interest, your book may be market-ready. Make note of any questions the stranger asks so you can perfect your elevator pitch.
Analyze Your Cover Design
For some authors, choosing a cover design is harder than writing the content of the book. However, this step is extremely important. The more appealing your cover design is, the more likely your book will sell.
Hire an Editor
No one will take your book seriously if it’s full of grammatical errors and plot holes. Hiring an editor is an essential part of polishing your book and improving as a writer. If you aren’t ready to invest in a professional who can point out weaknesses and strengths in your content, you probably aren’t ready to take your book to market.
Get Ready To Work Hard
Writing a book is emotionally rewarding, but your efforts don’t end there. If you’re ready to work hard and put some sweat into your marketing efforts, you’re probably ready to publish. Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd can help turn your self-publishing dream into a reality. Contact us to find out how to get started.
Write to 
 "Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface." The plate making process is costly. But once you create a plate, you can use it to generate a large number of copies. Therefore, printing just a few copies is not cost-effective with offset printing, but the cost per copy decreases with increase in the number of copies printed.

Print on Demand (POD), as the name suggests, is about printing things only when there is a demand; instead of keeping an inventory. So, what is the big deal you may ask. In order to understand why Print on Demand is a game changing technology, we need to put it in contrast with the currently used printing technologies.
What is Print-on-Demand (POD)?
The most common printing technology used these days for printing books and almost everything else is offset printing. You can read more about the offset printing in this wikipedia article. The most relevant thing we need to note is that there is a high upfront cost involved in offset printing. Something called "plates" need to be prepared for every page that is to be printed. This plate-making process is costly. After the plates are ready, copies of the pages can be printed at a very small additional cost. What this means is that if you have to print a large number copies (generally 1000+), the cost of plate-making is distributed over them and per copy cost becomes very low.
This printing process works fine for books except when the need is much less than 1000 copies. There can be many reasons for this. The book might be catering to a niche market and hence may not require a large number of copies. Or while the book has a large market, as an individual, you may not want to invest upfront in the large number copies and then maintain an inventory. Yet another reason may be that you are experimenting with a new book and want to see the reception in the market with a small number of copies. Publishers may want to send out a few early copies of forthcoming books to the critics and reviewers and use these to build up the buzz. And of course, it may be a book created out of your grandmother's poetry to be distributed amongst family or friends. So, a large print run may not work in many cases.
Print on Demand changes the scenario. With POD you can print directly from the files created and stored on computers. You can print one copy or a thousand copies--- it doesn't change the cost of the book very much. You can not store plates needed for offset printing indefinitely, but you can store the computer files for as long as you please.
Print on Demand is essentially digital printing with high end production printing machines supported by a system which can streamline and automate the process of printing books and documents. While digital printing has been around for a while, its application was limited to document printing. The primary reason for it was that the cost and quality of digitally printed books couldn't compete with offset printed ones. However, with time, the cost of digital printing has gone down and the quality has gone up. Now we have production level digital printing systems in place, which can do high quality printing at reasonable prices. The cost per copy with digital printing would still be higher as compared to what you will get by printing 1000 copies with offset. But when it comes to short run printing or one off printing, digital printing wins hands down in terms of the total investment involved.
Apart from addressing the issue of short run printing, Print on Demand also introduces some exciting new possibilities. Because copies can be printed one at a time, each copy can be different and personalized. So, you can print books having personalized messages for the recipient.You can mix and match content from various sources and print them in a book. You can pick particular chapters from a book to print. All of these become possible from a technical point of view.
For self-publishers who are often operating on shoe-string budgets, POD comes as a big respite. No longer do you need to invest tens of thousands of rupees in printing thousands of copies and have them stored in your house for years. With POD, you can put money into preparing a better book and then, using the power of the internet, market it to the readers world over.
At, our self publishing platform is backed by Print on Demand infrastructure. So you can print your book one at a time, and print it only when you need it. You can personalize your copies too. Since we take care of collecting payments and shipping the books, you can concentrate all your energies on promoting and marketing the book. Get your imagination to work, and enjoy the world of possibilities that the POD opens up!
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