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Thursday, 4 July 2019

July 04, 2019

4th Eduindex Conference on Multi Disciplinary Research

This 4th Eduindex Conference on Multi Disciplinary Research presents new research being conducted in different parts of the world on different issues and problems of science and technology, business and management, political and social studies. 

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Social Sciences Business and Management Conference organized by Eduindex in association with Support for Engineering Research Support Society (SERSC). The theme of the conference is emerging social changes that result from new social dynamics. We invite academicians and scholars from all the relevant disciplines to submit their papers and ongoing research findings to this stimulating and exciting conference.
Aim of our peer-reviewed conference is to bring together the world’s leading scholars and opinion leaders and to increase our understanding of emerging scientific issues and research methodologies relating to business management, economic and social sciences. Please, engage freely in discussions, share your ideas and build relationships among the group of international researchers.
  EDUINDEX believes that this academic event will surely promote better research in applied academics and facilitate networking opportunities for international scholars. The submissions should be made directly to the conference respective email address.
Conference Tracks:
We propose broad areas of themes covering many disciplines of business management, economics and social sciences that have the power to modernize almost every aspect of life. You are encouraged to select one of the areas listed below, but not limited to:
1- Social Sciences and Humanities
2- Interdisciplinary
3- Regional Studies
4- Management
5- Mathematics and statistics
6- Business and Economics
7- Physical and life sciences
8- Education
9- Law 

Submission Guidelines

Submissions of Full Paper will be accepted until June 31, 2019. All submissions must be entirely original, not previously published, and must not be under concurrent consideration or scheduled for presentation elsewhere. All papers must be submitted electronically by sending an e-mail to the conference chair ( or using the submission / contact form.

All submissions must include a Title, Authors (names, affiliations, e-mails of all authors), an Abstract (no more than 200 words) and 3-4 Keywords. Paper submissions should not exceed 25 pages, including the Abstract, text body (Introduction, Theory, Methods, Findings, Discussion, Conclusions and Implications), Tables, Figures and References.
All submissions will be reviewed. Selection for inclusion in the conference program will be based upon quality, originality, and relevance, in the judgment of the review process. All accepted papers will be published in the "4th EDUINDEX CONFERENCE ON MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH", ISBN 978-93-86954-30-5.
Authors submitting papers agree that if accepted at least one author will attend the conference. In the extraordinary case of non-attendance, the corresponding author registered to the conference will receive the proceedings and the proofs of conference participation by mail from

Details of International Conference 

Name of Conference is 4th EDUINDEX CONFERENCE ON MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH", ISBN no. allotted for the conference proceedings is ISBN 978-93-86954-30-5.
Proceedings of the Conference is Available at Pen2Print Books
Link to the Conference on Official Site Eduindex Conference
Held at Zurich, Switzerland. June 2019 at EJBSS Editorial Office.
Indexing of Conference Papers in Special issue of EJBSS

Thursday, 7 March 2019

March 07, 2019

EduINDEX International Multidisciplinary Conference 2019

EduINDEX in collaboration with other institutional partners are happy to annouce 3rd EduINDEX International Multidisciplinary Conference 2019 which will be held on April 2019 in Delhi. EduINDEX International Multidisciplinary Conference 2019 is a premier knowledge building event in Multidisciplinary Research in Asia and this event is renowned for its thought-leading and cutting edge content,unrivaled networking opportunities and presenter friendly atmosphere.
Each EduINDEX multidisciplinary conference follows the same format. 

Our editorial board invites abstracts, papers, and proposals as long as they fall within one of the following tracks:

Social Sciences and Humanities

Business and Economics

Teaching and Education

Science and Technology

The accepted submissions will be clustered around their common topics and areas of interest. 
Send papers to conference at or 

Thursday, 28 February 2019

February 28, 2019

National Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology

National Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology is intended to explore the emerging technologies in the field of ITC to help humanity lead a better life. Contribution of different authors will be on different topics to make it a comprehensive study.
                                      Get Print Copy of Conference Proceedings 
ISBN NO. for Print Proceedings of Conference

Publisher of Print Proceedings of
Conference Papers

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd
Format (Online or Print)
Name of Conference
National Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology
Date of Conference
2ND March 2019
Venue of Conference
Conference Organizers Name and Details

Brief About Conference (100 to
500 words)

National Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology is intended to explore the emerging technologies in the field of ITC to help humanity lead a better life. Contribution of different authors will be on different topics to make it a comprehensive study.
Editor of Conference Proceedings
(If not provided then Conference
Organizer will  be treated as Editor of
Conference Proceedings.)
Mrs A Kanimozhi

Thursday, 31 January 2019

January 31, 2019


It is commonly observed nowadays that conferences and other types of meetings are poorly organized and poorly attended by people. This is due to the fact that the conference papers created for the conference are of low quality and not informative. Apart from it, they do not inform important people as to why there is a need for them to attend the conference. There are also instances that people who are willing to attend the event are confused since the paper publication can’t clearly state the exact location and date of the said conference.  These are just some of the simple and unexpected flaws that are usually observed in some conference paper publication.

What are Conference Paper Publications?

Conference Paper Publication refers to all the published materials and papers that are related to all the information that are going to happen inside a conference meeting. This includes all the topics that will be tackled in the conference including the invited person who are going to speak in the meeting. These conference papers are not just for conferences but also intended for seminars and workshops wherein it also gives wide array of information to the people regarding the event that would be happening. All the information that are included in the conference papers are very essential since it covers all areas and important things that would be tackled in the actual conference.

Before these conference papers will be released, it is must always work hand and hand with the Technical Program is order to assure that the conference papers you would be releasing is well written and would be accepted before submitting and undergoing the process of conference paper publications. It needs to undergo verifications of the data through the help of the Publication Chair Committee in order to assure that it would completely be understood by the people and clearly determine what the aim of the conference is.  Paper publication is would be a proof that the higher office already accepted your conference papers and that it could completely supply vital information to all the people regarding your conference.

Importance of Conference Paper Publication

Publishing all the conference papers is very important for both the company and people who are going to render the conference and for the people. Here are some of the important things that people planning to have their conference must bear in mind in order to plan also for their conference paper publication in advanced:

  • It can widely spread information regarding the conference.
  • You can prepare conference papers which are of high quality and more of giving essential information regarding the aim of the conference.
  • Preparing conference paper ahead of time is important in order to schedule the time of important people who are going to get engaged in the conference.

Conference paper publication is not an easy task since you are going to follow formats and other important rules in order to assure that you are going to create the best type of conference papers for the people. It is very important that you are going to let someone to verify and check the conference paper before giving it to other people. 

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January 31, 2019


As Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd emerges into a global organization, graduate students and new professionals have the opportunity to attend an exciting and more diverse conference on a yearly basis. [caption id="attachment_9886" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Conference papers publications in journal Conference papers publications in journal[/caption] Conferences are useful as a method of meeting people who are interested in similar research areas, and cite the low-key and close-knit atmosphere of Edupedia Publications hosted conferences as a primary motivating factor for their attendance. Many new graduate students, however, may be unsure about whether a particular conference is worth the time and money, the anomie of traveling to an unknown place, and the anxiety of meeting new people. Other students and new professionals who have attended other conferences in the past may have felt that they earned few benefits from their attendance.  

Why are Conferences Useful?

• Conference presentations require you to set research deadlines.

  Between the demands of classwork, teaching assistantships, and family obligations, it may sometimes seem as though your research is slipping through the cracks. To keep your research on top priority. It is useful to set deadlines for yourself, and a conference presentation provides an excellent way to do this. Don’t feel that you can’t present at a conference until you have completed your entire dissertation. On the contrary, a small slice of your eventual dissertation will be easier for you to prepare, will create a more focused presentation (which will typically meet with a more enthusiastic reception), and will serve as an effective motivator for you to tackle the next research hurdle.  

• Conferences help you feel integrated with the academic community.

At conferences, you’ll meet people who are interested in the same topic of research and discuss theoretical and methodological ideas. You’ll talk to participants about their own schools and departments, gathering information about places where you might eventually wish to work.

• Prepare yourself in advance.

Is there someone you would like to meet at a conference? Send them an e-mail a few weeks in advance to ask about an upcoming publication or exchange research ideas; then ask whether they might be interested in meeting you at the conference. Alternatively, prepare a question that you will ask an admired person if you should happen to run into them at the airport or in an elevator. If you have a good question in mind when you see the person, you will be less tongue-tied and more likely to approach him or her and introduce yourself.

• Act like a host.

At a social gathering, the host is responsible for keeping the guests interested and engaged with other people. Acting like a host will take your mind from yourself and your anxiety, and will help you interact with other people more naturally. It almost never ‘costs’ anything to invite someone along, bring them into a conversation, introduce them to a colleague, connect them to someone of common interests, etc., and these things are always remembered.

For conference Papers Publication,

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January 31, 2019


An academic conference or symposium is a conference for researchers to present and discuss their work Together with academic journals, conferences provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers.
[caption id="attachment_11127" align="aligncenter" width="801"]conference-proceedings publication conference-proceedings publication[/caption]
Conferences are usually composed of various presentations. They tend to be short and concise: with a time span of about 10 to 30 minutes; presentations are usually followed by a discussion_ the work may be bundled in written form as academic papers and published as the conference proceedings. Usually a conference will include keynote speakers. The keynote lecture IS often longer, lasting sometimes up to an hour and a half: particularly if there are several keynote speakers on a panel. In addition to presentations, conferences also feature panel discussions: round tables on various issues: poster sessions and workshops. Some conferences take more interactive formats, such as the participant driven "unconference" or various conversational formats.

Paper Presentations

Prospective presenters are usually asked to submit a short abstract of their presentation, which will be reviewed before the presentation is accepted for the meeting. Some disciplines require presenters to submit a paper of about 6—15 pages: which IS peer reviewed by members of the program committee or referees chosen by them.  In some disciplines: such as English and other languages, it is common for presenters to read from a prepared script. In other disciplines such as the sciences, presenters usually base their talk around a visual presentation that displays key figures and research results.

Conference Papers

A large meeting will usually be called a conference, while a smaller is termed a workshop. They might be single track or multiple track whereas the former has only one session at a time: while a multiple track meeting has several parallel sessions with speakers in separate rooms. The larger the conference, the more likely it is that academic publishing houses may set up displays. Large conferences also may have a career and job search and interview activities.  At some conferences: social or entertainment activities such as tours and receptions can be part of the program.
Business meetings for learned societies or interest groups can also be part of the conference activities. Types of Conferences

 Academic conferences typically fall into three categories:

  • The themed conference, small conferences organized around a particular topic;
  • The general conference, a conference with a wider focus: with sessions on a wide variety of topics. These conferences are often organized by regional, national or international learned societies: and held annually or on some other regular basis.
  • The professional conference: large conferences not limited to academics but with academically related issues. Increasing numbers of amplified conferences are being provided which exploit the potential of Wi-Fi networks and mobile devices m order to enable  remote participants to contribute to discussions and listen to idea.
Advanced technology for meeting with any yet unknown person m a conference is performed by active organizer that may indicate fully identified and relatively located upon approach via electronic tags.

Organizing an Academic Conference

Conferences are usually organized either by a scientific society or by a group of researchers with a common interest. Larger meetings may be handled on behalf of the scientific society by a Professional Conference.   The meeting is announced by way of a Call for Papers or a Call for Abstracts, which is sent to prospective presenters and explains how to submit their abstracts or papers. It describes the broad theme and lists the meetings topics and formalities such as what kind of abstract or paper has to be submitted: to whom: and by what deadline. A CFP is usually distributed using a mailing list or on specialized online services. Contributions are usually submitted using an online abstract or paper management service. Increasingly: there has been a call for more sustainable academic conferencing: as flying to and consumption at conferences is one of the largest components of an academics environmental footprint.

Contact for Conference Proceedings Publication

For Conference Proceedings Publications,
For Conference Papers Publication as Special Issue for Conference.