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A fairy tale is always a fantasy. This is about my life.

A fairy tale is always a fantasy. This is about my life.

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 Finally, decided to share the things which has always took place in my little brain. Let's start with my journey hope it won't be too boring. Please bear with me. Raw and its non-fiction. 

I'm in my early twenty. I grew up in very protective and loved environment and family with my parents and little sisters. Since childhood i never had one perfect goal or aim to achieve. Looking back now i regret why i don't have one and why i didn't tried harder for my future. Maybe back in time we were too busy in our little friendship circle that i forgot. I remember my friends back than whom i have drift apart now, with loving memories only. Teenage period have taught a lot about friendship and life. I unknowingly came across such events that i want to erase and i have done rebellious things that i regret sometimes but sometimes i feel like it taught me a great lesson.

Since childhood i was technically good in studies, i remember taking prizes by our school principal DT. my parents would be very proud when others appreciates my achievement but time passes and i don't remember how i just neglected my studies. Though my puberty i can say was the turning point of my life. I suddenly got drastic change in my physical appearance which was the worst thing in my life till date. Body shaming was the common occurrence at point that i stopped reacting then i got my first real hard crush on a senior i was over the top like any other teenage one. I stalked him for year but in fantasy i got carried away and i have done my very first mistake which put a crack in my adolescence. I became someone whom i despise the most but i still believe it's not 100% my fault. I trusted wrong friend.

But life goes on, year away i got off my little crushes here in there which lead to almost failing my last year of Middle school. From then i got little grief over my choices. I haven't done anything all those years. And during my first Senior Year. I met the love of my life or i can say my first love story begun just like in a book, the aches to see every morning, break, lunch and meeting secretly after schools, celebrating birthday and what not but it lasted only for four year. He was Senior in same school. A  handsome person i ever wished for caring, loving, understanding and a social butterfly. During that time i got off my weight a lot which was a plus that's how i got a boy else nope. Him having by my side i got over my Senior year in a giffy. 

I got in university where things started to drift apart. My dream fairy tale turned into Fights, misunderstanding and cheating at last. It was my first breakup with person whom i dream of having my future but as days went he got back to me and i eventually forgave him because i so in love with that person and i got on my life and year later i was back to with my family having my love side an needed nothing less. I Started working in my hometown but it said things which are not to be meant won't last like my relationship, fairy tales are always lovely in a book rather than the reality at the end we didn't work or i can say i got fed up. With lot of up and down in our relation we end up apart but i can say i am happy and content with my life now. I got over my fantasy of perfect little future with my first love.

I'm far away from fake friend. A relationship that never worked for me but at least i have my family and lovely dogs with me which is enough for me.

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