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Authors Guide 101: How Books Are Publish


Authors Guide 101: How Books Are Publish

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Many dreamers and writers with excellent writing skills wish to write a book at least once in their life. While some like to keep their manuscripts private, many like us crave to get them published. 

Writing a book for the first time is itself exacting and challenging, and getting it in front of readers and figuring out how to get it published is another real deal the first-timers face. 

How Books Are Publish

If you are also the one who has always dreamt of publishing a book, this little guide is for you to have a basic idea of what goes behind the publishing process. The better you know the publishing process and how it works, the more you can make your wish come true.

1.   Select Your Publishing Route

Before you proceed with publishing, first analyze if you want to go with self-publish or traditional publishing. Taking this note will guide you towards the right path, and you can identify which publishing method is suitable for you.

2.   Choose A Suitable Title

Nail down an unforgettable title for your book. The more impressive your title is, the better will be the sale. Settle for the one that matches your manuscript, and don’t make it complicated.

The title you choose to name your book should be clear to your audience and should offer value to the ones reading your book. 

Some of the question to keep in mind while choosing your topics are:

·       Is your title short enough to read from a thumbnail image?

·       Does it fascinate you?

·       Can your title have an impact on one’s life?

·       Is it capable enough to extract an emotional response?

Keeping the title short is always in the fashion and best sellers today only have one or two-word title because it is easy for the readers to acquire and understand. 

3.   Design A Cover That Converts

A well-designed cover is essential to get your book to convert into sales. This visual representation provides the first impression to your audience. If gone wrong, it will stay wrong because the first impression is always the last one. 

Your cover page should be eye-catching, attractive and appeal to your audience. It should be correct according to your prose genre and let your audience know that this is the book they need to read next. 

To make a cover look appealing, go for the minimalist design; exaggerated ones will confuse your audience, and they might lose interest in the first place.

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Make sure your cover is tailored according to your target audience. If the book is for an influential reader, it should not be gloomy or dreary because that makes no sense, and you’ll want to bring lights to it.

4.   Get Feedback From Others

Third-party feedback can be of great benefit to you. As soon as you are done with your book, go to trusted critics, see what they think, ask them to evaluate your manuscript and provide accurate feedback.  

You can also help them provide honest feedback. How? You can distribute anonymous forms among your critics or appraisers and ask relevant questions on different elements such as protagonist and antagonist, storyline, prose, etc. 

You can also use rating forms, as I did to write my essay for me; they are comparatively much easier to evaluate. But while taking the feedback, make sure you go to the qualified ones and also ask them to propose the solution, not just point it. 

5.   Pitch A Good Book Editor 

Hiring a good editor can become a life-changer for you. Don’t rush in this stage and take as much time as you want and find a great editor for your book.  

Make sure the editor you choose is a good fit for your niche and interested in the subject matter so they can proofread and edit your book in less than a month and include back-and-forth revisions wherever needed.

A good editor can either make you a best-selling author or an ordinary one. Therefore, be wise in choosing the right editor for your book and make sure his edits are accurate and make sense to you. 

Look in your circle if you can find a qualified one. If you cannot, that’s not a big deal either. Hanging on your budget, you can hire a cheap assignment writing service or a professional book editor or a budget-friendly editor from any freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork or Aquent, etc. Before settling for the one, don’t forget to check references and portfolios of their work.

6.   Create A Kindle Direct Publishing Account 

When you feel that your book is ready to hit the market and plan to self-publish it, you can start your publishing process by signing up for a KDP account. 

To upload your book on a kindle publishing account:

1.     Locate and click on “your bookshelf.”

2.     Next, click on “kindle e-book actions.”

3.     Third step involves clicking on “edit eBook content.”

4.     And then, click on “upload eBook manuscript”.

5.     Now, upload your book from the computer.

Amazon lets you select numbers of keywords so your book can easily reach your intended audience. You can also check other best-selling books from your niche and look at what keywords their author have chosen. 

Once amazon completes uploading your file, you will be sent a confirmation message to preview the uploaded file and look for the errors. After uploading your book, create your amazon author central account, add your link, bio, photographs, etc. and few steps after this, you’ll be ready to publish your book and don’t forget to click “save and publish” in the book editing screen.


if you are an apprentice and planning to publish a book, Amazon is the right platform for you. But after you publish your book, don’t forget to market it to the fullest. You can leverage blog posts and connect with other authors ready to cross-promote or employ third-party services that cater to your book’s intended audience. 

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