Publishing Process

Book Publishing Process

1. Reviewing the idea

Send us your completed manuscript if you have already finsihed writing or a small summary of your book idea if you are planning to write and we’ll review it and get back to you in 24 hours. After this, you’ll sign a contract and we’ll assign a Spotlight Publishing Manager for your project.

2. Positioning your brand

Our book authoring coach will work with you to figure out the objective of your book, who will benefit from it and what your selling point is. This is important because the rest of the writing and publishing process will depend on it.

3. Creating the content plan

The main objective of assisted writing is to create structure and direction for you when you write your book. So the first thing we’ll do is create an outline for your book, which will be the framework for the entire project. Your coach will also help you figure out your writing plan and schedule your writing with you.

4. Helping you write

From chapter templates to the structure and the writing style, your book authoring coach will be with you until the finish line, making sure you get exactly what you envision for your book. Of course, every word in the book will be yours. The writing coach will not try to change the content. In short, we won’t ghostwrite.

5. Editing your manuscript

Editing will begin once the writing ends when you have a full manuscript in hand. An editor will thoroughly copy edit your book and ensure that there are no language-related or hygiene issues in your script.

6. Designing your cover

Our team of cover designers will analyze the positioning of your book, do thorough research and create cover options for you. Of course, your input will play a major role in the design of the cover.

7. Distributing your book

Apart from making your book available on all major online stores worldwide, we will make sure your book is available in 15 premium bookstores in the country.

8. Promoting your brand

Our book marketing experts will work with you for 3 months to build a strong content marketing plan for you and will also run a 360-degree campaign to give your book sales a boost.

After which, we will also train you to sustain the branding efforts to build your brand.

Use your book as a Branding tool

Are you a professional speaker? Do you want to increase your credibility and promote your brand? Work with an exclusive team of book experts, who will help you position your brand correctly, to the right audience.