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Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) - UGC Care Listed
UGC Care Listed Journal - History Research Journal
How to Recommend to UGC Care List?
Restaurant Business Journal
International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking (IJFGCN)
International Journal of Database Theory and Application (IJDTA)
Scopus Indexed Journals by SERSC
International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) ISSN 2005-4297
International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (IJAST) - Scopus Indexed
GIS Business with ISSN no. 1430-3663
IJHIT - Scopus Indexed Journal
UGC Approved - Frontiers in Finance and Economics
Navyasrota with ISSN 2249-8133
Medicine and Law Journal with ISSN 07231393
Asian Studies