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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Spotlight is an invite-only program built to provide a unique publishing solution for aspiring thought leaders. Our exclusive team of book experts will help you build, publish and promote your book worldwide and establish your global author brand.

  • What is the difference between Brand and Incubate?

    You have your manuscript, you want a global author brand. With our best marketing experts working on your book, day in and day out, we will do just that – position your book correctly, align the entire publishing process to the positioning and promote it to the right audience at the right time.

    In short, Brand includes,
    • Book positioning
    • An all-inclusive marketing strategy
    • An Amazon prime listing for 6 months

    Incubate includes all the services in Brand plus Retail display and Book PR.

    This means that you will get everything in Brand plus
    • Author Interviews
    • Online PR
    • Book Reviews
    • Book fair display
  • Does the Spotlight team work with any aspiring writer?

    The answer is no.
    • First of all, the program is currently open ONLY for nonfiction writers.
    • Secondly, we are looking for thinkers, for people with deep knowledge about their subject. Do you think you’re one of them? Plus, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s going to be hard to sell the idea.
    • Do you know what you want from your book? Because the publishing industry is very different, which means the RoI works differently too. So we need someone with realistic expectations.
    • Most importantly, we are in the business of spreading ideas so we take this very seriously. We are looking for driven writers who are in it to ride or die – because that’s how we roll.
  • Is there any author who should not pick Spotlight?

    Yes, of course. You should not pick Spotlight if
    • You don’t know why you’re publishing your book. You need to know exactly what you’re doing this for and why you’re doing it.
    • You are a fiction writer. We’re currently catering to nonfiction writers. However, we’ll keep you updated. We intend to launch a custom-build program for fiction writers soon.
    • You aren’t very sure about the subject you intend to write about. Like we mentioned earlier, we don’t have ghostwriters to research and write your books for you. The book is yours, so you have to know what you’re talking about.
  • How do I know if I am eligible for the Spotlight Program?

    • You must be a subject matter expert and your book must be in the same area of expertise that you are from. In other words, you must know your book's subject deeply enough to write about it.
    • You must have a clear objective for writing this book. If you don't have an objective, then you might not be clear about what you want from this book.
    • You must have basic writing skills. You don't need to be a literature graudate to write a book, but you will need to have a basic command over written English.
    • You need to have a clear understanding of how books work, and a reasonable expectation for ROI This means there needs to be a purpose behind writing the book as your ROI is based on your objective.
  • What is assisted writing?

    The biggest struggle writers face when they decide to publish a book is writing it. This could be because of lack of time, being unsure about how to go about your idea or because writers don’t know how to give their knowledge some structure. Our assisted writing program’s sole purpose is to help you turn your idea into a full-blown book. You will work with our in-house book authoring coach, who will help you from start to finish.

    This means that they will:
    • figure out the book’s objective
    • identify the right audience for it
    • help you create a chapter outline
    • give you an extensive writing plan, with pitstops and guidelines
    • ensure that you stick to your deadlines, with regular follow-ups
    • stick with you until you finish writing your final draft

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