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eBook Creation

Capture Your Readers on Electronic Devices

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One stop solution to make, convert and publish your eBook

Creating an eBook requires attention to detail, knowledge of publishing and patient work of making it readable in all formats. You need sophisticated hands, experienced team and a dedicated publishing consultant who understands your needs and then deliver.
At Prowess, we take every eBook creation as a separate project and dive into details to make it perfect. Our team has created and converted thousands of eBooks in multiple genres for authors across the country in past few years. With the wide range of experience, dedicated team and an easy publishing process Prowess is publisher you need to take your book to the world

What is an eBook?

Electronic version of any book is called an eBook. It's readable in different screen sizes and multiple formats like mobi, pdf, epub without any changes in presentation. You can read an eBook on Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Tablets and any Smartphone. Instead of flipping pages, you get to change the pages with a touch or scroll depending on the device you are using. In advanced devices you can adjust the brightness, make notes and do much more than just reading.

What should you choose?Print or eBook, or both?

Print is definitely a popular medium of reading, but electronic device is gaining acceptance at a dramatic speed. So, what should be your preference? We have published books of authors who prefer only print, who prefer only eBook and who prefer both. And we have seen overwhelming response for books published in both format. We recommend every author to publish in both formats to reach readers in all platforms.

How to create your eBook?

Finalize your Scriptafter Editing
Select the formats.Mobi, pdf, ePub
Receive your eBook