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Professional Book Cover Design

Grab attention without saying a word

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  • Get 3 revisions of design at one cost
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Attract, Persuade and Sell more withDesign that is hard to ignore

An appropriate, elegant and thematic book cover design can drive sales without consistent efforts. A cover which represents the essence of your story will send across the right message and push potential readers to hold it and turn few pages or read the blurb. Whether you have written a children's book, cook book, fiction or non-fiction, a great looking cover design can add to the marketing campaigns you plan to do once you publish your book.

Types of Cover Designs


Superior Cover Design

You get a free consultation with our publishing consultant on selecting any package of Prowess to discuss the type cover image that suits best. We use available stock images and select the most appropriate design for your book.

Advanced Cover Design

Do you have an amazing concept in your mind, but are unable to find the right stock image to best showcase it? Worry not!! Prowess' Advance cover design is reserved for elaborate cover design. You will receive a beautiful, enticing design that will astound readers.

Why you should invest in creating an impressive cover design?


Creates Curiosity

An attractive cover design can convey the message of your story in a crisp way. It manages to hold attention of reader, makes them think and leaves a lasting impression to helps them take the final decision of purchasing

Grabs Attention

A good story can force readers to turn pages, but getting people to pick up the book is challenging. A pleasant cover design is preferred by store keeper to put it in the best place for maximum attention.

Introduces Theme

A relevant cover design is a promise of the great story inside. It reflects the theme of the book and ignites interest inside reader's mind. A reader gets prepared for what's inside the book.

Builds Author Brand

Beautiful design can help you build your brand image as readers get used to inspirational design on your cover apart from a good story inside. Your readers will start identifying you with the high quality designs on your book.