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3 Midwest Cities to Think About the Next Time You Move

The midwest is one of the most well-known areas of the country, with an extremely recognizable culture of neighborly behavior and dairy-laden dishes: but there's nothing here quite as amazing as the cities and homes. This is why the Midwest is an area you'll fall in love with the moment you arrive: and these are the top three cities you'll want to consider moving to! 

 Why the Midwest? 

 The midwest is fortunate enough to have mild summers, but the winters can be wild and turn this entire portion of the country into a winter wonderland. If you're new to the area, you'll be stunned by how fun and inventive the food is, and if you've been here before, you'll be looking forward to getting a taste of a Culver's burger while you wash it down with a cool Vernor's ginger ale. The following cities are the best part of the Midwest and are why everyone should consider moving out here to get a fresh start! Nowhere feels like home quite like this portion of the country! 

 Brainerd, Minnesota 

 Possibly best known for being the location where the movie Fargo is based, Brainerd is a great area that's the county seat of Crow Wing County and is one of northern Minnesota's largest cities. From the chilly winters to the incredibly cool and calm summers, this area is lucky enough to be surrounded by plenty of rivers, lakes, and forests for recreation. Best of all, this city is incredibly affordable to live in and has a very low unemployment rate. As a result, this is an amazing place to settle down! 

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

 On Lake, Michigan's western shore is the gorgeous city of Milwaukee. Best known for its sports teams, this metro area boasts a population of over 1.5 million people. You can enjoy entertainment by visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum or even check out the large-scale European Village you can walk through in the Milwaukee Public Museum.  
 Buying property here isn't cheap, with Milwaukee houses for sale at a higher price than any other city on this list: but it’s worth it to live here. 

 Des Moines, Iowa 

 Des Moines is a mid-sized city with a metro population of over 700,000 people living there. Countless museums, art galleries, and exhibits ensure that this city captures your mind and imagination. 

 Housing here is some of the most affordable in the country, making the harsher winters so enjoyable. The summers here can get hot, peaking in the low 90s, but the average home and apartment have an HVAC system that can handle it. This is an amazing place to move to for anyone ready to settle down. The 

Midwest is a Fantastic Place to Call Home 

 Whether you're from a southern state or moving from California, you'll find that paradise lives in the midwest. This portion of the country has a lock on heaven from fantastic food and people to endless things to do and see: don't be afraid to move here and find yours happily ever after!

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