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 Pollution is a serious problem. It is a cause of great concern for mankind.

Pollution is of many kinds. They are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution. With the growth of population, pollution is also increasing. Industries have added greatly to pollution. The air we breathe is filled with smoke. Water is polluted.

Towns and cities are growing fast. Population is increasing. New factories are being set up. Trees are being cut. The wastes of the factories go into the rivers. They cause water pollution. Household wastes also fall in the rivers. They also make source of water dirty.

The number of buses, cars, scooters and motorcycles is multiplying. They emit poisonous gases. The smoke of factories also adds to the air pollution. Uses of loudspeakers and DJs create noise pollution.

We should be aware of these problems. We should plant more and more trees and eco-friendly habits. Lf we do not pay proper attention to the problem of pollution, the life on this Earth will become difficult. Health standard of people will fall.

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