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Importance of games

 Health is very necessary for success. If a man is unhealthy, he cannot work well. No body likes a sick man, as he cannot work hard. Constant pouring over books is hard and weary. It makes a man dull. Games are a part and parcel of education. Games and education must go hand in hand. A sound mind resides in a sound body.

Games are of two kinds. Indoor games, such as, chess and playing cards are played inside the house. Outdoor games, such as hockey, football, and cricket are played in the open field.

Outdoor games are very useful. They are a part of our education. Without them no education is complete. They are us strong, active and healthy.

They help us to form good habits. We learn to obey the captain. We observe discipline in the field. We are prompt and active in the field. When we get interest in them, we become regular and punctual. We do not puff up at the victory and are not nervous at the defeat. All these things help us to form a good character.

Over indulgence in games is positively harmful. Games at the cost of studies is ruinous. Games are good when they are well regulated and played within a reasonable limit. Over-exercise damages our physical and mental system and consequently impairs our health and shortens our life.

Games provide re-creation to the mind. When we are tired of our work, they refresh us. They remove the dullness. We also learn the spirit of team work. We learn to work together for a common cause. A true player is never selfish. He plays for the team. He looks to the interest of the team.

The importance of games cannot be over emphasized.

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