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An election

An election

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 Elections a very important now-a-days. In democratic countries, the representatives of the people govern the country and make laws for it. Election of the representatives both for the parliament and for the provincial legislatures take place in our country. Every person has a right to vote and is free to express his choice.

Last year in my town, an election was held for electing the chairman of the town area. Three candidates contested. One candidate was supported by the Congress as he was a rich man. Two old workers of the Congress did not like it and contested. One was the principal of a higher secondary school. The other was a poor social worker. Everybody living in the town was very keen about the election. The whole town was divided into three groups. The principal was supported by the teachers, students and educated public. The rich man was supported by the Congress party, government officials and the shopkeepers. The poor social worker was supported by the common people.

 The contest was very keen, as all these candidates had some weaknesses. The Congress candidate was not much educated. The principal could not serve the town as he lived outside the area. The social worker was very poor. So nobody was sure of his success and everybody had an equal chance to win or lose.

 On the polling day, the whole town was full of hustle and bustle. I myself went into the camps of all the candidates. Every one of them was hopeless and thought that he was defeated. The polling was very keen. It was generally seen that the father was supporting one candidate, the mother was voting for the second and the children were working for the third.  Polling went on throughout the day. At about 5 p.m. the voting was stopped, the ballot boxes were sealed and send to Aligarh for counting.

 Next day, the result was declared. The poor social worker supported by the public was declared successful.  When the news came to the town, the successful candidate was greeted and garlanded.

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