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 By:Astha Raghav 

The history of yoga is indeed very old. Nothing can be said firmly about the origin of yoga. Only it can be alluded that yoga was originated in India. The available evidences show the history of yoga is related to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Yoga is also mentioned in Mahabharata, Ramayan and Upanishads. Patanjali also wrote about yoga in 147BC. Yoga is the main part of Indian Culture.  Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word "Yuj" in verb form which means ro unite or to join.Yoga is the 'unification of Atma with Parmatma'. It also means the unification of physical mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of human being. It is a universal truth that modern age is the age of stress, tension and anxiety. Nowadays most of the people are not leading a happy and productive life. They indulge in materialism. They are running after money.These people have excessive money in store even they they are mentally disturbed. They can't sleep without sleeping pills. Their life is full of problems.  Most of the people are leading such a stressful life. Myriad problems are affecting such people- draining them physically, mentally and emotionally. That is why,such people are falling prey to various diseases.  At this juncture, yoga can be very significant for us. We can get rid of such problems by practising yoga.
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