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Education Internship Skill Development Training
Training and Internship

Training and Internship

Education Internship Skill Development Training
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A young kid after his first encounter with a fictional world passionately years for more of it. Then, with the benefit of accessibility, voraciously consumes the stories be it books or cinema. This engagement not only feeds the young mind with new ideas, but also teaches it how to express. After umpteen fictional experiences, the mind learns the art of restrain and silence. Now the quietened mind begins to observe the aesthetics of a fictional world and the seeds of creation are sown in the mind. An artist is born.
This allegory in a way helps us to understand the role and importance of training and internship. A fledgling equipped only with knowledge and curiosity enters the place where it can fly. The opportunity to work in a practical setting teaches it the art of application and restrain. Here at this point, I believe l, it is important for it to experience a state called the 'Flow'. The obligation of presenting the environment conducive to experience this state, a concept borrowed by me from Kalam's autobiography, lies on the organization and the mentor.

The mentor's role is to hold the hand of the intern so that his mind frees itself from fear and doubt and is in a better position to experience the Flow. Now the quietened mind learns the art of working in and observing an organizational setting. The observation results in creative output. The experience of the Flow builds the qualities of passion for work, commitment and effort. This ideal training benefits the organization through the performance of the intern and production of quality workforce. The person gains practical skills and builds his character through his experiences of working with others in an organizational setting. The fire is bestowed with the wings to fly.

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