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Love- Heavenly or Hellhound

Love- Heavenly or Hellhound

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 Love. Simple, everyone knows what love is even a five year could tell what's love is. But do we really know the authenticity of love? The true meaning of love? 

Majority of people accepts or count love only between two individuals who are of opposite sex not the same sex which ain't the matter at time of growing digital world. Love also counts between families which is whole pole apart from the same gender attractions part but still. 

Love is a transaction

Love for some people is a transaction which they can turn or and off which they says and believe. For some love is Thier true motto to achieve in their life. A happy ending with their partner. 

Humans not only fell love but the other living beings such as mammals and even tinnest creatures breathing on this planet knows and crave for love. 

Love has devine actions leading, Love for some is a hope for their better future. A ray of light which will aid to bring them out of their miserable life that they live. Love for some become obsession which they craves to control and need to tamed in leading to drastic ends of live. 

Love is a beautiful feeling far far toxic than it seems for some people. It's in our hand to which means we are going to hold the love in our live. To a heavenly end or in hellhound. 

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