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earth nature Education environment Hurricane
Hurricane - Destroyer of Many Places

Hurricane - Destroyer of Many Places

earth nature Education environment Hurricane
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 Hurricane!  A hurricane is a huge storm, that generally forms over warm ocean waters.. ..near the equator. The warm air above the ocean rises upward.. ..thus creating an area of low pressure, below! Air from the surrounding areas.. ..push in and try to fill the area with low air pressure. Which now becomes warm and moist. And, rises too. 

As the moist air rises, the surrounding air again, tries to fill in. And, this process continues, till the water in the air forms clouds! Soon the clouds and winds spin around.. ..fueled by the oceans heat and water vapor. Therefore, hurricanes could also be called, Giant Engines. That use warm and moist air as their fuel! When we see from the top,.. ..hurricanes can be as huge as 300 miles wide. The center of the hurricane is called 'The Eye' of the hurricane. 

Which is the calmest part. The 'Eye Wall' surrounds the eye. Where the most damaging winds are found. It can range anywhere, from 5-30 Miles. Then comes 'The Rain Bands'. Which surround the eye wall. These bands are a series of dense clouds.. ..that give a pin wheel like appearance to the hurricane. Which range from 50-300 Miles. Hurricanes are divided into 5 categories. Depending on the speed of their wind. Here, take a look. Category 3, 4 and 5 are the most dangerous ones. TRIVIA TIME. A huge hurricane can release energy.. ..equivalent to 10 atomic bombs per second. Hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean are know as Typhoons!...

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