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Education knowledge Skill Development Social issues


Education knowledge Skill Development Social issues
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 By: Astha Raghav 

Coaching institutes have mushroomed in every nook and corner of all major cities over the past few years. These so called "temples of learning" are exploiting the young minds just for their financial grains. The misleading advertisements given by these Institutes act as  Magnets to attract the innocent, inexperienced students, who are seeking for sincere counseling and proper direction.

Coaching institutes have only one purpose while teaching their students: to get them to IITs, NITs or AIIMS, GMC, etc. Such beliefs and ideologies being inculcated in students at such a young age seriously compromise their prospects of being an effective member of the society in the future. We all are aware of how fancy coaching for engineering and medical courses are running all over the country. But I am not concerned about those foundation courses, rather for a seven-year-old child carrying 7kg heavy bag on his back and going to a coaching class.

Coaching has became an inevitable part of student life; be it second standard or 12th standard students. Earlier it was for those who found a school is not enough for clearing their doubts in studies. But now it’s religiously important to join a coaching institute.

Students pay thousands of rupees in school just to get the tag of a prestigious school and get the attendence marked. But what is the point of spending so much money that could not even clear the basics of the majority of the class?

Coaching is not only making parents’ money wash away like waves but also ruining the creative and thoughtful minds of a child. Nowadays, PM Modi is stressing very much over developing one’s skills. Perhaps that coaching for child below ninth standard is itself ruining the skillful mind of a child. They get everything cooked and served, every note and all answers. “The search of an answer is the essence of education”, which children are losing day by day.

The other dimension of the increasing dependency on coaching is the lack of attention of parents towards their child. Nowadays both the parents are earners of the house, which causes them to give less time to their child or you can say no time at all.
The need of the hour is to let the child search their answers on their own; let them be good learners on their own and let them be creative souls rather than making them robots whose whole day is spending in attending coaching and schools.


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