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Self Love Do we love ourselves? Have you ever thought about loving yourself? It will be a big no because what we thinks is always about other. Even if we compare our self then it will be with any other person. Have we ever thought of competing with our self? That we will compete with our self and will be better than yesterday? Life always goes on it never stops for anyone. If we always thinks about any other person life will go ahead and we will be very steps backward. Self-love the meaning is clear in itself that is to love ourselves which we need to do. Love yourself and start experiencing the life. How it moves on? You will like it do you know why because at that time you will not loving someone else that if he/she leaves you. Or you will feel like a broken person or will depressed. If one starts to love himself or herself there is no power that could break him/ her. Relax, and close your eyes and name the five people who are very important for you. Now, you have the five names that were important for you but wait was your name there in the list? If no, then why, are you not important for yourself? Are those people more important? It should be a no because if we don’t love our self then why will anyone else love you. Are you giving them any reason to love yourself? My dear, if you want that someone else love you then you should first love yourself. If you start loving yourself then I am damn sure anybody can love you. Do you know why? Because if you knows your quality and the reason to love yourself then the person also find the reason to love you. We all are beautiful. We all have a different minds and different ideas. Always remember one thing that no one is you and that’s your power. No one is better than yourself only you can compete yourself. When you wake up stand in front of mirror and say I will be better than that what I was yesterday? For sure, you will have a very better progress. Before starting anything what we thinks what people will say? Why are we thinking about them? Are they such important for us that they will decide what we have to do or what we have to not? No, never make someone such important that they apply their decision on us. If we start thinking what people will think than what will they do? Let them do their work and you start working on the dreams that you have plans. People are only for stopping us. As I am a math student letting is the only thing we have taught. So, let if anyone is working hard to get above you will you let him do so? Telling the truth I will not like it because everyone wants the position one. It’s an example that you all can relate with. No one is going to always motivate you. You will have to be your own motivation. Start loving yourself. Start competing with you only that you will be better than yesterday.

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