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Life Goes on!!!!

 We, humans born on this planet through our beloved parents. We don't know why and for what we were born for. Methodologically its said every human has its goal and purpose to be born in this world whether to improve the world or some destructing the nature and humans itself.  Each has its own ambitious and aim after certain point of age. Yet, some don't have but life goes on. 

We don't know the value of certain things at this growing parse of time, we forger to prioritize the most valuable things in our life. We take the steps and road from which turning point is very difficult. We make certain mistakes for which we take our or others life for granted. Yet humans takes such drastic steps to make another same human live a miserable just to calm the thirst of their power, jealousy, lust or other unnecessary goal. Setting a goal is great but harming other while achieving is not a part of nature but it has been at this period of time very casually. People miserably intentionally harm someone else. Yet for them life goes on. 

There comes a certain point in life where victims become numb to such emotions of failure and takes step of ending their life which they think is the last option they have got but is it really the last option? We must take a moment to think before taking such drastic step of SELF HARMING. One might not know what you are going through or what is harming you but taking your own life is not the solution instead it is a BIGGEST crime one could take. You should take moment to think about your family, your loved ones with whom you shared one of most beautiful moment of your life if not at least think about those animals who are fighting for their life as a deer caught in lion yet they fight till their last breath for their freedom so we being a human. Humans can do anything from improving a country to cause of destructing other. 

One must thoroughly sit and think about solution rather than taking certain harmful method. Life goes on once we face those hurdles and take step towards tomorrow a better tomorrow without any negative thoughts. Certain point of time each one will face such hurdles in their life so during that time always remember to fight back the demons instead of running away. 

To those people who don't know BTS. I would like to suggest to listen their songs which I'm 100% sure will give reason why LIFE GOES ON!!!!!

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