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Internship Open Access Research Skill Development Training
Importance of Training and Internship

Importance of Training and Internship

Internship Open Access Research Skill Development Training
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Internships and training are also like practicing the theoretical lessons in reality. It gives exposure to real-world activities. Nowadays, when employers give so much attention to resume, it shows you a far better opportunity to have some internship involved and your studies. A practical background pays a lot of effect on your resume and job opportunities. When you are looking for gaining experience, internships and training look the best way. If you take part in an internship at your college time then it can give you a job even before completing your college. A summer internship can be a distinguishing factor for winning a job opportunity. There are a lot of NGOs which provide the internship free of cost to meritorious and able students. A few of them are SNSMKS, TZF, YEF, TCSion, etc.

So, In this article, I would be discussing a few special importance of Internships and training. The importance can be pointed as follows:-

The exposure to the real-world and work environment
There are differences among being a Student, Intern, and trainee. As a student, you just learn the things but as an intern or trainee, you practice the things. You convert your learned theories to work. Here you learn how to behave with your seniors, managers and how to react to people. These things help a lot when you get your first job. As it is quite specific towards that companies and industries so you become able to know a lot about that company and its job and work structure. It also gives you a chance to try new ideas as here responsibilities are quite limited and the people are quite helpful.

Teaches you the importance of resume and work experience
When you go for an internship, either paid or unpaid, they normally give you a completion certificate. But when you do excellent in your work then gives you a Letter of Recommendation, as that is just another certificate but this has quite an excellent effect upon your future work. Here you come to know the real value of a resume. So, try to build a resume so that it shows a mirror image of you.

It allows you to know yourself better as a professional person
When you would search your mind for answers of this importance you will find that there you pass your day as an employee. You are having some work pressure, and you will be getting few more new problems. As when I was doing my last internship of fundraising I found that I am having a quite limited connection with people so I can't collect any funds just with the help of family and friends. So, there I came to know that I should build a better network with people so that whenever I am part of such things, I may tell them and complete the work.

Creating a big network of professional people
When you go for an internship, it connects you with a lot of people other than your academic career. Here you get a chance to come in contact with a lot of successful business professionals, with them you may create your own network that helps you a lot when you try to get a job in companies. There are a lot of companies which hire people mostly with skills along with a reference, as a reference helps to believe upon that new person.

Helps you to get a job as a full-time career
As an intern when you become part of a company or an NGO and work for them, they also invest their time and money in you so they have some expectation out of you. If you do far better in your work as an intern then they offer you a full-time job, immediately or in the future as a full-time career.

So, an internship is an important time in one's life upon which one should focus.

Now coming to our next topic which is the role of NGOs to help students in their internship.

There are a lot of job seekers who belong to a poor family, they can not afford to pay for their internship. The different NGOs help such people by allowing them to feel the corporate world and learn to compete with them.

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