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Humans. Are we?

Humans. Are we?

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 Humans. What are humans; Made by god that we believe even if it feels like mythological but still we believe in it. It is scientifically proven we are ancestors of a Monkey which is very much square and fair but that doesn't mean we still need to think like them. World is changing rapidly and so we are. Technology, our environment and our lifestyle totally. 

But one thing that have never changed and that is the way we think. Our mentality still very much of BC's or i can say same as a Monkey or worse than a monkey. You may think, what I'm talking about or may have got my point. We humans now a days think like an Orthodox wearing fancy cloths which only differs us from an un talk able animal. We, humans degrades another human to look superior mentally and physically which is very low standard act. We constantly torment a person to the limit that leads to harmful outcome. Depression, mental torture or most dreadfully Suicide which is very common in teenage now a days. We takes things lightly when it comes to commenting about others. Easily judging, spreading non existence deeds. It is said you will know the pain they go through when you place yourself on their place. But do we? Instead we revolt about it. so are we really humans? 

Humans are describe as understanding, lovable, sharing, caring, brave, smart etc but are we? The action we carry in our daily life doesn't similar with the description at all.  Daily there are updates regarding action towards abused victims non stop not only in India but world wide. Forget about same flash and blood, we have been such sick mental people that we doesn't even feel remorseful towards the un talk-able animals torturing them. 

Humans have forgotten their inner self. Humans become hunger for fame, money and lust for which they are ready to cross such in-human boundaries of nature. Humans are believer of gods, creation of gods but did god really created humans for such deed to occur. Only because of humans, our nature is revolting against us. Nature has reached its limit. All cause by humans only.One day whole world will end, only because of HUMANS.

We must think twice no ten times at least before commenting about someone, before taking a step. Think about the outcome of your small act. It can save a life. It can provide a reason for someone's living. It can give a reason someone's action. We learn from each other. If one can change; others will change at time. Before judging someone always think placing yourself on their place and if you can't place then you don't judge them. No one has right to take decision for someone else. God has provide each similar part of body to all human beings in-order to think, function according your own-self. Instead of listening or telling others, behave yourself and let behave others.

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