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Commerce 11th and 12th Subjects - CBSE Board

 Commerce 11th and 12th Subjects - CBSE Board


Introduction to Commerce Stream - Class XI and XII

According to the state, the Economic Survey portrayed enrollment of more than 2.73 lakh students in arts courses and more than 2.67 lakh students opted for commerce in 2017-18 all over Maharashtra. 

Commerce is a field that is gaining popularity. You can see its uses everywhere in your life.  Ration shops, banks, schools, advertisements on television. Everything today is a business. And thus, everything is commerce.


When you go from class X to XI you have a lot of pressure of choosing a stream. And what if you are giving a thought about opting for commerce as your stream? Chartered Commerce is a commerce coaching institution in Patna. It can help you to solve this problem of choice. It can help you with all the doubts related to the commerce stream. 


The Commerce stream has a lot of career options. It teaches marketing and can be a good choice for you. Its importance in the field of economic growth is remarkable. If you want to increase your knowledge about trading between the nations and within the nations, you can choose this stream. Also, the passing percentage of commerce students are higher than other stream students. According to BSEB, among all the students who gave the commerce examination, 91.48% passed. Whereas in the arts stream 77.9 percent of students passed, followed by the science stream 76.28%. 

The Commerce stream deals with the managing of the business, financing. Economic development is also a vast field of commerce. On a basic level, in class XI and XII commerce, you study the basics of all the 3 subjects of commerce:


  • Accountancy


  • Business Studies


  • Economics


Economics has subfields which are Statistics and Microeconomics in class 11. Macroeconomics and Indian Economy in class 12.


Subjects in Commerce Stream




Basic knowledge of mathematics, like addition, subtraction, percentage, Ratio is important in accounts. Accountancy focuses on making balance sheets of the companies. It allocates, records, and makes books of accounts of the company’s transactions. An accountant also keeps records of both inter-firms and Intra-firms transactions.


Accountancy manages and maintains the goodwill of the company. Goodwill is the hidden value of the non-materialistic value of the company. One of the fields of accounting is 'financial accounting'. It takes the record of the information which may go outside the company.


It depicts the true image of the company's financial position. Records make it easier to compare data and check the progress of the company. It also helps in finding the drawbacks of the company's financial position. 


Business Studies


Business studies is a subject that polishes your management skills. It upgrades your knowledge about trending issues in the market. Its core topics are marketing, financial marketing, and in-depth study about organizational working. With the insight into the working of the business, it also enhances your leadership as well as communication skills.


The subject expands your knowledge about features of business firms. Not only with business, but it also develops your skills to deal with people. Dealing with people and motivating them to work better is an important part of a leader. The subject evolves your human management skill and makes you a people person. Thus, business studies help to make you a good leader.


Business is an art. How beautifully you manage it is your talent. Business studies as a subject develops this skill of managing a business like an art.


It builds discipline in students and trains them to work in a professional environment. 

Few people have the quality of being a good businessman. They just need to brush up on their skills and business studies give you that opportunity. It also develops the understanding of a business's contribution to the economic growth of society.




The shortage of resources and their irresponsible use is causing loss to the environment. It is the responsibility of youth to carry sustainable development in the economy. Thus, this subject - economics, is important for students. It teaches you effective management of resources. In class XI commerce you will study statistics and microeconomics. Microeconomics deals with the problem and development of the economy at an individual level. It studies the effect of individuals on the economy.


Whereas, in class XII commerce you will study Indian economics and macroeconomics. The history of anything is important for a greater view of the subject. Indian economics covers the history of the Indian economy before and after 1947. Macroeconomics will be your second book. In this, you will study the effect of the whole on the economy.


You might be curious to know the budget plans and policies of the government. You might want to know how this policy formation happens. Economics helps to clear your doubts related to policy formation. It gives you broader learning of the government's policy formation. It also determines coordination between different firms for greater profit.


Optional Subject


Schools offer many optional subjects with commerce like, physical education, tabla, vocal, mathematics, information technology, etc.


But choosing a good combination of subjects helps you in near future. Here are a few subjects you should consider opt for if available in your school.


Informatics Practices


Information practice can be a good option for you because of the rising trend in the IT sector. You can have a good career in this field as an alternative. IP as a subject has coding and teaches different computer languages, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, etc.




Mathematics can be a good optional subject for you as it is a good combination with commerce. Many universities applying criteria for BBA and Hons have a compulsion of mathematics in classes XI and XII.




Few schools are also offering entrepreneurship as a new optional subject. It goes hand in hand with the commerce stream. A good business demands a person who knows where to invest and how to invest. If you are studying this subject as your major it can help you a lot in the future.

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