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India in crisis today

India in crisis today

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 Everyone, literally everyone thought that 2020 was the worst year anyone could have. This was partially true but time showed us that nature has worse to show. Wherever one could see at the end of December 2020, social media was full of messages of hope and a better beginning. Little did anyone know, what time had in hold for us.

The start was great, every firm started unlocking fully and some schools and colleges also decided to call back their students to the old classrooms which now, everyone became fond of. Families and friends started going together on trips and parties and politicians flourished their campaigns in full swing. 

Everything was great , that people stopped taking note of the news channels and the daily tracks of increasing cases. And then suddenly, things got serious. Hospitals became busier and beds started getting filled. Oxygen cylinders which usually were in surplus in each hospital, starting facing shortage. Those relatives and friends who were happily mingling a month or 2 back suddenly got very sick. Unrest and panic spread everywhere. 90% of the population lost someone who was dear to them in the past 2 months. And then different side-effects came in. Black fungus was the new monster dreading patients. No one could trust the figures which the government posted because everyone knew there were a much more people who died silently in their homes from symptoms of covid. 

And now, when things have finally come to a temporary rest, there is a deep-rooted fear of the 3rd wave coming in ingulfing the youth and children. Can the government do something about it? Can the general public do something about it? 

No one knows. All we know is to try keeping safe and sane.


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