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Edutimes News Sexual Assault Social issues
Rising cases of sexual abuse- who is at fault?

Rising cases of sexual abuse- who is at fault?

Edutimes News Sexual Assault Social issues
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Incidents of murder of a man who had accused a youth of molesting his daughter in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras by a pre-emptive team, along with some colleagues, and the murder of a Scheduled Caste teenager in Aligarh in an attempted rape has shocked the people once again. It is said that the recklessness of criminals in the state has increased a lot.

The man who was murdered in Hathras had filed a report against a youth about two and a half years ago for molesting his daughter, forcing the accused to stay in jail for some time and was currently out on bail. On a sudden dispute between the two families, the accused along with their colleagues went to the farm and shot the girl's father and killed him. However one accused has been caught and the Chief Minister has imposed NSA (National Security Act) against all the accused.

Along with giving orders, the officials have also been asked to take strict action. The strictness of the police after the crime is understandable, but the irony is that despite this there are incidents of crime in the state every now and then, which seems that the criminals have no fear of law and order.

The whole truth about the murder of a Scheduled Caste teenager in Aligarh will be revealed only by the police investigation, but the constant targeting of the weaker sections of the society does not present a good image of the state. Earlier, the death of a Scheduled Caste teenager after gang rape in Hathras has been in the news. The details are that the villagers, angered by the killing of the teenager in Aligarh, prevented the body from being taken for postmortem and also threw stones at the police. Ironically, despite changing times, society and its thinking does not change, due to which such incidents keep happening continuously and no voice is raised anywhere.

There is no doubt that such crimes can be curbed only by the strictness of law and order, but until such time till the thinking of the society towards women changes, then such incidents can't
probably be stopped completely. Despite this, the government of Uttar Pradesh will have to take these incidents seriously.

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