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Poor cyber security - Chinese cyber attacks on Indian vaccine development company servers

The claims of cyber intelligence agencies related to Chinese cyber attacks in India are very important in view of the country's cyber security. One of these claims is related to US cyber intelligence company Future Recorded, which in its latest report has feared that China's cyber attack may be responsible for the failure of the power grid in Mumbai last year. 

Reports suggest that labs of two Indian companies that make power grid and COVID vaccine were under Chinese cyber attack. These cyber attack attempts have not only exposed but also have given a future warning for cyber security,

Cyberma, the cyber intelligence firm of rating agency Goldman Sachs, claims that the servers of two Indian companies, Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech, engaged in the manufacture of the Corona vaccine, had been targeted by Chinese hackers for the past few weeks. Certainly these claims of cyber intelligence agencies are yet to be confirmed, but the threat of cyber attack from China is not new, even if it gives a million explanations. 

According to a New York Times report related to Future Recorded's claim, in Ladakh when tension between India and China was at its peak, on October 12 last year, the power grid was targeted by a Chinese cyber attack that stalled power supplies in India's commercial capital for several hours, and in the treatment of Corona patients which was a big obstacle. 

There is no reason to doubt the assurance of the Union Ministry of Power that cyber monitoring mechanism is working in the entire power supply system of the country. Not only this, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), the cyber security agency of India, is also not only fully prepared, but has also given power system operation corporation (POSOCO) handling the power grid in the country about the risk of possible cyber attack ,were also warned in November last year. Since cyber attack can be carried out with malware from thousands of kilometers away, there is a need to be very vigilant. 

Future Recorded's report only shows the severity of this new threat, according to which how a country can be severely harmed without using weapons or fighting nuclear war, by putting malware in the electric grid or other sensitive infrastructure. The methods will not work, we need to be prepared to deal with cyber threats.

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