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How To Get A Netflix Free Account Easily

Do you feel like you are missing out on some amazing series and movies? Don't worry; we have got just the thing for you. No more FOMO for you all. The sneaky tricks I am going to tell you will help you get a Netflix account for FREE!! All of these tricks are a hundred percent genuine and will get you the results you want. So what are we waiting for? Let's dive in. 

Use The Netflix Trial Offer 

This one is pretty basic and is very well known already, and this is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite Netflix films and shows at no cost at all. As you might already be familiar with it, Netflix offers its users a free one-month trial time period, so why not dwell on the offer and use it to its fullest. 

This offer stays valid for a month only, although Netflix does send a follow-up subscription trial for another month at times. If you are lucky enough, it sends you one as soon as your previous one gets expired, or it can take a few months to send one across. Honestly, it's very easy to use. Now there are very few steps that you have to follow to avail this thing. 


Download the app on your smartphone/ laptop. Then you will see a button there which says "join free for a month" simply click it. This will lead to the subscription page, which will show you all the plans available. Choose the premium plan on the chart and just continue. Now you just need to register yourself, sign up, and click continue. In the next step, they will ask you for your credit card details. 

You don't have to worry. You won't have to pay anything. After that is done, you'll simply have your account, and you'll get your subscription for free now, voila enjoy. Do not forget to cancel your subscription after one month, or else the money will be deducted from your card. 

Netflix Gift Card

This is also one of the easiest and most efficient ways to avail a Netflix subscription at absolutely no cost at all. If someone gifts you one of these, you are good to go for a subscription. Although Netflix itself does not sell cards online, there are a few on amazon on Flipkart that can help you. It is pretty easy to use it once you have the card. 

The steps go like this:

Firstly you need to go to the official site of Netflix.

Go to the subscription plan page.

Select the gift card option.

Enter the 11 digit code on the back of the card.

You are then all set to use your Netflix card, see we helped you decide your birthday gift too. You are welcome. 

 Use The SBI Net Banking Trick 

** This trick is only for state bank of India users** 

The first step is to open the SBI site and then login.

Select the dashboard section and then go to the section of where it shoes cards, and then lastly go to the selection of cards and go to virtual cards > Virtual Cards.

Then you have to create a virtual card that has validity for only one single day.

Copy the details of your card.

Log in to your Netflix Account, Choose the Netflix Subscription Plan.

Click on pay after using the virtual card option. 

Done, congratulations. You now have a new Netflix account for free. 

 Use Flikover And Get Netflix At 100 Rs 

First, you have to visit the official website of flikover

Make a new account and register here.

And just pay ₹100 to the account using your card.

All set, now you have successfully got a Netflix Premium Account for just free.

You can enjoy this offer for a month now without any hesitation at all.

Use IRCTC I Mudra App

Firstly, you have to download the IRCTC IMUDRA APP from your play store.

Create an account and log yourself in

Complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) after that. 

You can use any official government id to do so.

Now, after that, you will see the option of Getting  A VISA Virtual Card. 

You have to click on it.

After that, you'll get your VISA Card from IRCTC iMudra App.

Now you have to open your Netflix Account and then Go to the section where it shows you the premium membership plans.

And finally, use your IRCTC's VISA Card to Get your own Netflix Free Subscription.


Without any second thought, Netflix is being used by everyone majorly. It is being preferred more than any cable also. People will just get a Netflix subscription other than that of a cable. This is fair also because Netflix has a lot of various genre shows and movies and for everyone from kids to the older people, so there Is nothing that can keep people away from it except its price, which we got the perfect solution for that is you can actually use netflix for free, you can thank us later! Go grab your favorite food to munch on. Let the show begin.

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