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Recent Research in Migration and Gender Issues


Call for Book Chapters Submission

The Editorial Team of EDUindex invites you to participate in the upcoming book by submitting a 2000-words book chapter for the peer-reviewed e-Book with ISBN that will be published at EDUindex.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

This edited book is designed to address several problems of Migration and Gender studies:
  • Women’s empowerment in action
  • Forced labour in different countries
  • Gender equality and social policy
  • Authoritarianism and gender issues
  • Gender, violence, health, harassment, abuse
  • Challenges of modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Challenges of women’s and labour migration during the COVID pandemic
  • Rights of male and female immigrants in host countries and challenges of immigration policy
  • Political issues and women’s quotas in political parties worldwide
  • Migration issues of women and men in different countries
  • Marriage and its issues worldwide
  • Women in war and conflict: struggle, resistance, and security
Submission deadline: 10th February 2021

Benefits of Publication?

There are many direct and indirect benefits of book chapters publication:
  1. .eCertificate to all authors
  2. Get published in a month
  3. Add your book chapter in Resume and API.
  4. Get the membership of EDUindex free.
  5. Connect and collaborate with other researchers across the world. 
  6. DOI to published book
  7. Book will be available on Google Books, EDUindex Books, and Amazon. 

Book Chapter Submission Guidelines:

Book Chapters must be written in British English, typed using Times New Roman (normal style and font size 12), and in MS-Word. Page size should be A4, single column with 2.0 cm margin on both sides with single line spacing. The body of abstracts should be divided into 4 sections: background, methods, results, and conclusions. Book chapters should include the title, name & surname of authors, affiliation, country, e-mail, phone number, and keywords. Book chapter content up to 2000 words, with the theme related to topics of MIgration and Gender Issues should be submitted to the following email address by 10th February 2021:

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