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Human Rights Law Essay Help

 Every person on the planet has the right to exercise their human rights regardless of their race, ethnicity, sex or religious beliefs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do so as the governments of some countries pass discriminating laws that make the situation with exercising human rights much worse.

In other words, human rights are fundamental rights and every one should be able to exercise every single one of their rights whenever they want. 

According to the International Human Rights Law, the governments of the countries have the obligation to promote human rights, as well as to make certain every citizen of their country has the ability to exercise each of them at any time. Speaking about the role of the United Nations in the process of protecting human rights in the world, the biggest achievement is the creation of the body of human rights law. This law is both internationally protected and universal. What is more, the United Nations organization has managed to create a number of mechanisms with the help of which it is easier to control whether people are able to exercise their human rights. It has also become easier to spot any violations of the law. 

What To Do If I Need Law Essay Help?

If you have decided to study law at college or university, you will spend lots of hours learning more about different branches of law, as well as find out more about all possible legal options in case a certain law is violated. In addition to that, you will also have to write law essays which is usually a time-consuming process. If you are looking for a way to make academic writing at least a little bit easier, check out the website called These guys have been working in the field of law essay writing assistance for years. It means that their team knows how to deal even with the most complicated topic. Having received a sample paper from them, the process of working on your task will get much simpler. Besides, you will have an example law paper done by an expert who has tons of experience in the field of academic writing. Isn’t that great? Take a closer look at the service and you will be surprised how awesome the company is. Besides, it is a great option if you are lagging behind. Their team of experienced writers can deliver a custom written sample law essay within the shortest period of time. Clearly, you have chosen to study law because you are passionate about it. However, you are not always able to do everything on your own. Why not use a reliable service and make your life easier? You never know when you are going to need law essay help. Luckily, you know exactly what to do when you find yourself in times of trouble. Law is a complex major, and it is totally understandable why you sometimes need assistance with your essay writing tasks. Rely on experts and you will have it all under control. 

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How to find a reliable business ghostwriter?

 Would like to publish a book but have no idea how to do it, as well as do not have any writing skills? Consider yourself an expert in the field of business and want to share your knowledge but feel frustrated every single time somebody mentions the option of writing a book?

The good news is that you no longer have to do everything on your own. If you are interested in publishing a book but do not have any writing talent, you can simply hire a business ghostwriter and solve this problem quickly.

Where should you search for a highly qualified, experienced and trustworthy business ghostwriter? Well, the first thing you should do is to ask your friends or partners if they know anyone who has hired a business ghostwriter.

The next step will be to search for a business ghostwriter online. Surely, you need to be very attentive when you do it as you are looking for a person who will be responsible for the quality of content in your book. That is the reason why it is so significant to hire a writer who has already achieved a lot in this area. In other words, what you need to do is to take a look at their previous work. Familiarizing yourself with their writing style and the ability to conduct a thorough research study will help you determine whether this ghostwriter is suitable for your project or not.

In case there is an opportunity to contact the people who a particular ghostwriter has worked for, you should definitely do it as you will help you get a full picture of the person you are about to work. What is more, you need to be very clear about the kind of book you expect them to write for you as not specifying all details leads to getting a draft of the book you are completely dissatisfied with. If this is your first time hiring a business ghostwriter, you should definitely read more on the subject on the internet. You will come across lots of interesting articles online including tips on how to find a perfect ghostwriter for you book no mater what subject it will be dealing with.

All in all, there is no doubt that finding a highly qualified and experienced ghostwriter may take weeks or even months which is why you should mentally prepare yourself that it will not happen overnight. Simply allocate enough time on the process of searching a business ghostwriter and you will definitely find the person who will help you write your first book. What is particularly beneficial about the times we live in right now is that you do not necessarily need to have exceptional writing skills in order to publish an impressive and useful book.

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The Importance of Publication in an Academic Career

 The Importance of Publication in an Academic Career

“Publish or perish.” That’s the mantra that academics have drilled into their heads from the moment they start their quest for an academic career. In today’s academic world, publishing in an academic journal isn’t just an important way to improve one’s reputation or make a dent in the intellectual community. Instead, it’s a life-or-death factor in determining each step on the career ladder. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that the modern university system has turned academic articles into the most important measurement of a professor’s worth.

Publication in Academic Career.jpg

The phrase “publish or perish” was coined in 1932 to describe the pressure that academics faced to place research articles in scholarly journals. But now, almost nine decades later, publication is the measurement by which universities judge the value of scholars for hiring and promotion. The reason for this is a series of perverse incentives tied to publicity. 

Originally, academic articles were designed to share research with other scholars in order to further the intellectual development of academic fields. However, over time, academic articles came to be seen less as a way to share information than as a way to promote one’s own research skills and ability to generate groundbreaking new information. 

Universities, in turn, saw journal articles as a way to call attention to the quality of the research work done in their institutions, and a way to gain mainstream media attention, and thus to attract new sources of fundraising and revenue. There are a lot of websites which offer custom academic writing services for students. Such online writing companies hire professional freelance writers to prepare essays and research projects for money.

This, in turn, has led administrators to see scholarly publications as a way to determine which professors offer the school a good return on investment. According to a study released in 2010, a growing number of universities evaluate potential new hires based entirely on the length of their publication list, without consideration of other factors, such as teaching experience and quality.

However, because many administrators have no background in the subjects taught by the professors they are evaluating, this has created a perverse incentive to simply publish anything, no matter the quality, in order to rack up publication credits to pad a C.V. To that end, the number of scholarly journals has exploded in recent decades. Currently, there are now more than 28,000 scholarly peer-reviewed journals, publishing an astonishing 2.5 million articles each year.  The number of published articles has grown at a steady rate of 4-5% per year, according to the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers. 

Obviously, that volume cannot represent unalloyed quality. The more papers that are published each year, the more papers that will have quality problems.

The glut of publishing is driven by the university system, in which the number of scholarly publications determines a professor’s fitness to advance through the ranks and to gain tenure. Recently, impact scores—referring to the quality of the journal in which a paper is published, how many other scholars cite a paper, or how many news articles refer to it—have come into vogue as a way to distinguish between an academic with high quality work and one who churns our hack work for credits, but the overwhelming pressure remains to produce volume over quality. This has led to a bizarre phenomenon known unofficially as “salami slicing,” where professors will divide their research into the smallest units possible so that they can wring extra articles out of a topic that previously would have been covered in a single paper. This makes it harder for future researchers to gather the applicable information, but it means that the author ends up with extra papers on his or her C.V.

What makes the explosion of articles as a metric of success so disturbing is that most universities do not pay professors to write them, nor do journals, which typically seize the writer’s copyright and then profit from the articles themselves. Instead, professors are asked to squeeze article writing into their free time outside of their professional teaching and research obligations, or else to fit a growing number of articles into limited annual research periods.

The resulting distortion of priorities has unintended consequences: Universities that prioritize publications end up with professors who must place writing articles—their unpaid labor—above their official job of teaching undergraduate and graduate students and conducting research. Consequently, both purposes of the modern university—teaching and research—suffer as professors scramble to prioritize whichever and whatever subjects can generate the most articles and the most media attention, rather than the research that will result in the greatest impact on the world. 

While most academics would prefer to do important work over voluminous work, the consequences of not publishing are daunting: An academic who does not publish regularly will not receive tenure, and will quickly find that his or her position has been replaced by someone with a longer C.V. Academic publishing is less about sharing knowledge than an arms race to pad a C.V. for the benefit of administrators who will never read the articles listed on it.

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How To Write Essays Quickly

 So, you have been given the task of writing an essay. Perhaps, you have not started working on it right away which means that you are currently pressed for time. It is not surprising if you start looking for an essay writing service one hour on the internet.

You need to submit your paper on time, otherwise you will get a lower grade or no grade at all which is even worse. Almost every student on the planet can relate as we have all been there. Lots of tasks have to be submitted almost simultaneously. You do not even remember when you have had a decent break from the studying process. You have been feeling extremely exhausted lately. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make your life easier at this stage of your life.

Where To Get Sample Essays in One Hour?

The reasons why you cannot complete a certain academic writing task can be various. Sometimes you simply do not have enough time to write another essay. In other cases, you are so exhausted that even if you force yourself to stay up all night and work on your paper, you will still come up with a piece of writing that is below average. You are aware of the fact that you cannot submit something of a very poor quality.

The good news is that help is available, and it is right at your disposal. In other words, you can get a sample essay online which will sufficiently decrease the amount of time you will need to spend on the accomplishment of this task. The only thing left for you to do is to choose an academic essay writing service you consider to be reliable, and to place an order on their website. The latter will not take a lot of time as the order process is very simple. You are only required to follow a few steps. After that, an experienced writer gets down to task accomplishment which presupposes that you can finally take that break you have been dreaming of.

What is particularly great about such service is that they can write an essay in one hour. Surely, you might be skeptical at first. Yet, the writers at these companies have acquired so much knowledge and experience that it does not take them long to come up with a unique and impressive piece of writing, provided that you do not require a 14-page long essay to be written in an hour, of course.

Taking everything into account, find a paper writing service you can trust, allocate a couple of minutes on the order process, sit back and relax. Let the experts do all the work for you. Instead, you can use this opportunity to spend your free time on something more enjoyable, such as hanging out with your friends or watching a movie. Getting a sample essay online is a great alternative when you are pressed for time or do not have any ideas in regards to the topic you have been given.

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