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EduPub Services provided by Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd helps scholars in gaining an advantage in academic and professional fields. Write to us now to get support editor@pen2print.org

Our Publishing Services

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd acts as hybrid publishers' and our services fall somewhere between a self-publishing company and a traditional publisher. 

Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishers differ greatly in their terms, but they generally offer their authors some level of in-house editorial expertise and distribution support and they share in the profits that result from the book sales.

Self-Publishing Services

In general, self-publishers by any name allow an author to see their own book in print or online and accessible to an audience. However, there are distinct differences between "being published" traditionally and having your book produced by a self-publishing service.
That said, there are different reasons to self-publish, but often an author chooses to do so when his or her book's appeal to the general consumer is not apparent enough for a traditional trade publisher to take a chance on it. While different self-publishers or vanity publishers offer different levels of assistance with and support for the publishing process, self-publishing services come at a price, paid for by the author.

Professional Publishers

Professional publishers create books and databases for professionals who need access to reliable, widely accepted information and standards. These include (but aren't limited to) accountants, architects, doctors, lawyers, and psychologists. Because of the amount of data in these books and the need for constantly updated information, much of this information has moved from predominantly book form to online access.

Textbook Publishers and Academic Publishers

Textbook publishers create books for school and university classrooms, usually with a specific course syllabus in mind. School book publishers are referred to as "elhi," a combination of "elementary" and "high school."

Trade Book Publishers

Trade book publishers acquire, edit, produce, publish, and sell the books you're most likely to see in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. These are traditional publishers creating books for a consumer readership. While the internal company structures and organization of traditional trade publishers vary, each generally publishes books in a broad variety of formats (hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, e-books, audiobooks), and in a wide selection of topics and genres. Note that some trade book publishers are parts of larger media entities that may also own textbook publishers.

Book Packagers and Book Developers 

Book packagers are companies specialize in creating books to be published under the imprint of a trade publisher. Another way to look at is that the publisher "outsources" the development of their book. In adult publishing, packaged books often involve a lot of photography or illustration, and the publisher finds it more cost-effective to buy the books already produced than to develop and produce the volumes themselves. Some young adult fiction series are also packaged.
The book packager develops an idea for a book (or series of books) and then sells the concept to a publisher. The packager then does all of the editorial and production work for the publisher (with publisher approval at key junctures of the process) and generally ships the finished books directly to the publisher's warehouse. In some cases, the packager provides the files, and the book publisher prints and binds the books. While the name of the book packager is usually unknown to the consumer buying the book, there's typically an indication of the packager somewhere on the title page.