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 The guidelines might change with time, but so far this is what I request. I realize the list is long, but it is essential in order to avoid misunderstandings and time-wasting down the road. I respect your time and effort, and this is a good way to ensure neither is wasted.
 The guest posts need to be related to reading, writing, publishing, research, inspirational, or self-improvement/ lifestyle topics, as that is what this blog is about. I delete all requests for posts on unrelated topics, links to essay sites, and paid links. So save us both some time and don’t email me with these.
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The following requirements are also valid for guest interviews.

General Guidelines

•  Your post must be original and must not have been published before on the web.
•  You agree to not publish the post anywhere else for 3 months after it is published on this blog, to maintain its uniqueness.
•  You may include two links in the byline, which will be displayed in the post, and one link inside the post linking back to your blog/ content.
•  Please include a bio, so readers can get to know you better, and add your Twitter handle, if you have one. Your own picture would be nice, but it is optional.
•  Please send in an accompanying image that is relevant to the post, and is not so heavy that I have to resize it.
•  Please ensure that the post is well-edited, readable, and written in good English.

Promotion Guidelines

•  Talk about the guest post at your blog and on Twitter or any other social media, so the post you write gets comments from your regular readers. I’ll do the same, but I’ll notice if you do not make any effort to promote your own post.
•  Stick to a word count of up from 500 to 1500 words to ensure that you hold the readers’ attention. A well-thought-out title would attract more visitors, which is after all what this is all about: providing you more exposure.
•  Ensure that you’re available to interact with readers who comment on your post.

Formatting Guidelines

•  Make sure to include the author byline at the bottom, with the link to your website, twitter links etc. already formatted.
•  Make sure the paragraphs are short, for easy reading. Bullet points welcome.
•  Use headings and sub-headings in the Guest Post.

Submission Guidelines

·      Before you submit a guest post, please check with me about the topic etc so I can tell you if it has been covered recently, or is not relevant to the website. This should be done at least a month before you want the post to appear.
·      I do not support overt advertisements, unless it is to promote an author’s book: fiction, or related to publishing fiction in some way.
·      You can send the post to me on the email editor@pen2print.org Please include the post in the body of the email itself, or as a .doc attachment. It is helpful if you add the link to your site/blog on all your mails, so I can easily find what to promote.
·      Usually within 2-3 days of receiving it, I’ll reply stating what date the post will be up.
·      The guest post should be with me at least four days before the date of publication, so I can schedule it correctly, and I run it by you, to check everything looks right.
·      I would mostly feature regular followers of my blog or authors I have interacted with before, so any outside blog tours must discuss a possible guest post or interview with me about a week in advance.

I’ll make exceptions to some of these guidelines as and when necessary, but that depends entirely on the circumstances. Any questions, tweet me up @pen2print,

We accept guest post for following sites

  1.  https://edupediapublications.org/ (Topics related to education, publication, books, journals and conference, publishing, editing and allied services, Book Reviews, Conference Promotion, Academic events promotion)
  2.  https://www.eduindex.org/ (Topics related to education, publication, books, journals and conference, publishing, editing and allied services, Book Reviews, Conference Promotion, Academic events promotion)
  3.  http://www.pen2print.org/  (Topics related to Science, Technology, Economics, Management, Planning, Development, Economics, Politics, Public Administration, Social Studies and Literature, News Analysis and Current Affairs)
  4. https://internationaljournalofresearch.com/ (All topics)
  5. https://www.eduindexnews.com/ Newsworthy content. Related to any topic.
  6. https://eindex.org (All topics covered, related to education, business, arts, humanities etc.)
  7. https://www.thinkindiaquarterly.org (Research, education, management and business related topics)
  8. https://www.rbjournal.org (Tourism, hospitality, leisure and fun related. )
  9. https://www.gisbusiness.org (Business and management related)
  10. https://www.ejbss.org (Business, finance, economics and allied fields)
  11. https://www.conferencelisting.org (Conference, Seminar and workshops related)
  12. https://www.hindijournals.com (Hindi language only)

Authors and scholars are requested to submit their guest posts which are relevant to the readers of the particular category. Please select the right category of the article before submitting for publication.
To ensure the control on the spammer we, review and then publish the articles. The submitted articles are reviewed within a day and made available online on the next day if the quality of the article is good. The articles on currents affairs get priority in getting published sooner.

Guest Post Offer for authors


You are invited to share Guest Post on One of Popular platform for sharing development discourse. 

Who can contribute guest articles/reviews

  • Experts of the any fields. 
  • Book Reviewers
  • Bloggers
  • Representatives of Organisations working in Development Sector

Why Guest Post on Pen2Print Discussion Forum?

  • Pen2Print Discussion Forum is for your expression that need to reach millions of readers across the Globe.
  • Our site get more than 40,600 visitors on a monthly basis.
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  • You can become eligible for Book Publication Offer too.

How to Submit Guest Post?

Just mail to us your article to guestpost@pen2print.org
We will review and if the article is of good quality then it will be published within two days. In the mail write in Subject Line 'Guest Post + Topic of the Article'
You should mention the following things:
  • Title of the Article
  • Author Name and Affiliation
  • If possible Author’s Brief Bio.
  • Keywords
  • Suitable Image related to article.
  • Link to your Blog or Website or Social Media Profile. (Maximum two will be displayed on Site)

Some of the Mandatory Guidelines

  • Please mention full author name, affiliation and social contact if any.
  • Minimum no. of words should be 500 and maximum size of the article is 2000 words which is optimal for sharing the book review and short comment on the current affairs and any other topic which you think can help more of our readers. This limit is set as people enjoy reading such content more often which is neither too short nor too lengthy.
  • Avoid spamming and sharing sensual content.
  • Ensure Sub-headings in article if possible. 
  • Share your own content and do not plagiarize.
  • If writing book review or sharing someone’s research paper’s abstract then mention the title of the book/paper and author’s name.
Please complete your author profile so that more people will contact you and seek your help and views on the matter relevant to both of you.
This platform is for sharing and caring for fellow authors and scholars who are seeking knowledge in this open access article publication site.
Submit your Guest Post today.