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Role of EduPub in Education

Today’s educational landscape provides a wealth of tools and technologies that are making the learning experience ever richer and the teaching experience ever more effective. Students increasingly have the choice of print or digital content that can be accessed online or offline using e-readers, smartphones, and tablets. That content can include videos of demonstrations, audio of interviews or oral histories, interactive tools like exercises, quizzes, and other resources that make the learning experience come alive. Teachers are no longer limited to a primarily print-based set of resources; they have the entire Web at their disposal—and they can get information about how each student is progressing, in order to tailor the learning experience for each individual.

While this landscape is powerful and exciting, it is also complex and rapidly evolving. Standards help make the various tools and technologies in the educational ecosystem work together. In order to ensure effective collaboration and interoperability among existing standards, the EDUPUB was created as a confederation of organizations, each of which governs a key suite of standards that provide the infrastructure of today’s digital education environment. The goal of the EDUPUB is not to create “yet another standard,” but instead to ensure that existing standards evolve in ways that make them ever more compatible and interoperable with each other in order to enable richer, more adaptive educational materials and measure their effectiveness and learners’ interactions with them.