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EduPub Services provided by Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd helps scholars in gaining an advantage in academic and professional fields. Write to us now to get support editor@pen2print.org

Book Printing

Printing a book is highly sophisticated, detail oriented and responsible job. Experience rules the industry. Once printed and published, your book remains forever. Mistakes are simply not allowed. Underestimating the quality of paper, number of books to be printed, and details on first few pages can prove to be costly when your book is distributed worldwide.

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    Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd collaborates with the best printers in the country to get your book printed as per highest industry standards and on time, all within your budget. We make sure your book is error free before it's sent to the printer by performing multiple rounds of cross checks; you are sent one copy for final approval .Once you approve the printing journey begins.
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    Select the Cover and Interior design
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