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EduPub Services provided by Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd helps scholars in gaining an advantage in academic and professional fields. Write to us now to get support editor@pen2print.org

Call for Book Publication

Book Publishing Services and Partnerships

At Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd, we believe that the dissemination of research should be in the hands of academic institutions and research centers, rather than commercial publishers. We collaborate with these groups to create one-off publications or to develop whole series. Our model offers societies and research institutions a flexible and affordable way of publishing, with the opportunity to include online multi-media content. Our Open Access ethos and extensive distribution network means that research published with us will reach the widest possible readership. Our non-for-profit mandate ensures that revenue is reinvested in the publication project.
If you are looking for:
  • A publisher for your book series
  • Title management, including peer review process
  • Book production: copyediting, typesetting, indexing, cover design, production of multiple print and digital editions (hardback, paperback, pdf, epub, mobi, xhtml, and more...)
  • Distribution and marketing: printed and digital editions distributed through all main Open Access and commercial channels and marketed via email, social media, postcards and flyers
  • Website and online retail services: supplying content for existing sites, or creating new retail-enabled sites
  • Applying new technologies to the book format, for example by embedding multimedia content
please contact our Editors at editor@edupediapublications.com