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EduPub Services provided by Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd helps scholars in gaining an advantage in academic and professional fields. Write to us now to get support editor@pen2print.org

Benefits of EduPub Guest Posts

1. Common Guest Post Platform:
Your individual guest Posts on various different site are known only to you or your friends who have remembered your blog address. This way all of your content is limited to your friends or some followers only. Edupedia provides facility of Common guest Post where all the individual guest Posts of various writers are associated with Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd. Whenever you write any entry in your guest Post it is automatically shared in the common platform and hence it can be easily read by all the guests and members of the website even though they are not your friends. Hence More readers to your blog.

2. Free SEO service:
The guest Posts created in Edupedia are search Engine friendly. Your Blogs are quickly indexed in search engines like Google and yahoo.  Our team expert in SEO, keeps optimizing your blogs for the search engines free of cost. Hence Google sends more traffic to your blog entries through its search results.

3. Social Network Connectivity:
 Whenever you create any blog, it is automatically displayed on your Edupedia Guest Post wall. Hence your article is shared automatically with all of your EDUPEDIA friends and other members.

4. Categorization of Articles:
 While writing your blogs you can save your article in various categories. For example you write a poem and save it in English poem category, your poem is available for everyone who wants to search English poems. Hence your blog is read by more people.

5. Easy Dashboard: When you click on “My Account” link you get a fancy dashboard from where you can manage your blog Guest Posts. You can see the number of hits, edit the articles and a lot more.

6. Associated with Profile:
 Your Edupedia Guest Post blog is associated with your profile. All of your blog articles are displayed in your profile. Everyone who visits your profile can easily get the links of your latest Guest Posts. Hence more accessibility.                                                 
7. Easy Image Editing and Video insertion: Inserting pictures and videos to your blog articles are just a matter of a few clicks. You can display videos inside your article.

Blogs are the best ways of sharing your writing skills and sharing your thoughts. Edupedia Guest Post ensures maximum sharing of your articles and hence helps easy transmission of your thoughts to the readers. So go ahead and Write a blog entry now. Get your name in the top Guest Post contributor.  List. Happy Guest Posting.