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Book Marketing

Promote and sell your book toa targeted audience

  • Get analytics report without any cost
  • Choose from multiple digital platforms
  • Promote your book in social media
  • show ads to targeted audience

Intelligent Book Marketing

Local, national or international, now reach your audience and show your book only to reading enthusiasts craving your genre with advanced digital marketing tools. Place your promotions to pre defined potential readers with tools like social media promotion, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Author website and Video trailer- all within your budget.

Measure Performance of Your Campaign with Analytics Report

Be the master of your own book promotion campaign with easy to read analytics report of Prowess. Know the effectiveness of Google Ads and Facebook Ads of your book in the blink of an eye. Based on the report, your understanding and our inputs choose to invest more or stop the campaign.

Digital Platforms To Promote Your Book

Facebook & Instagram

SEO Optimized Author Website

Create an impressive website with beautiful design and engaging content to enhance your author brand with Prowess.

Google Ads

Video Trailer

Create an intriguing trailer of your book to attract readers by presenting the concept of your book in a visual way.