Efforts are Underrated!

Back to blogging after a long. So, during my entire intership at various places I realised one thing. And this blog is related to that only. The thing is "EFFORTS ARE UNDERRATED."

This is the matter of fact that people don't count in the efforts you put into them or in their organisation or in anything. They just reply on results regardless of how much you are trying or how much effort you are putting into it.

Maybe this is Life. But it sucks na
when the efforts are only one-sided or when you don't even get recognition for your efforts.

We'll can't do anything about it. But yes that doesn't mean we should stop making efforts. Efforts are the small steps that helps us to reach a destination called Success. So it's very important to keep moving on and continue to put in efforts. 

Someday or the other someone will surely notice your Efforts and will not only Appreciate you for that but also provide you the Desired Position and Recognition.


This Life's a Lil bitter 

But who cares

Until you are backed 

With your Efforts :)