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What is a Journal

What is a Journal

A journal, from the Old French journal (meaning "daily"), may refer to several things. In its original meaning, it refers to a daily record of activities, but the term has evolved to mean any record of activities, regardless of time elapsed between entries, such as a Diary, a record of what happened over the course of a day or other period Daybook, also known as general journal, a daily record of financial transactions Logbook, a record of events important to the operation of a vehicle, facility, or otherwise Transaction journal, a chronological record of data processing In publishing, it can also refer to various periodicals or serials:

Different Types of Journals

Academic journal, a generic term referring to academic and scholarly periodicals in general Scientific journal, an academic journal focusing on science Medical journal, an academic journal focusing on medicine Magazine, a generic catch-all term referring to non-academic or scholarly periodicals in general Trade magazine, a magazine of interest to those of a particular profession or trade Literary magazine, a magazine devoted to literature in a broad sense Newspaper, a periodical covering general news and current events in politics, business, sports and art Gazette, a type of newspaper, often a newspaper of record Government gazette, a government newspaper which publishes public or legal notices

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