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Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) - UGC Care Listed

Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995)) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, interdisciplinary, international quarterly journal which publishes high quality original papers, review papers and research articles of exceptional significance in all areas of biostatistics, health statistics, agricultural and environmental statistics. English edition of the journal covers a wide range of experimental, theoretical and general issues of biological and environmental statistics. The primary goal of this journal is to advance the understanding of biological, agricultural and environmental phenomenon, structure and function using statistical methods, quantitative techniques and tools. Particularly, the basic objective of this quarterly international journal is to explore exceptional significant results and recent advancements on all aspects in the field of biological and environmental science by application of statistical principles and software. All papers sent to American Journal of Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) are peer reviewed to ensure a high quality of scientific standards. 
Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) is a UGC Care Listed Journal for research Publication by Thematics Publications. Link to Journal is https://thematicsjournals.org/index.php/tjg/ and Link to Publisher is https://www.thematicspublications.com/. Impact Factor of Journal is 5.3. Email id of Editor is info@thematicsjournals.org
The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:
Biomedical statistics
Agricultural statistics
Health statistics
Biological advancements
Agricultural economics
Environmental statistics
Climate change
Biological motility
Structure of molecules
Statistical modeling on biological and environmental issues
Forest loss and management
Natural environment
Energy transformation and transfers
Air and water Pollution
Pollution Control
Statistical genetics
Energy statistics
Statistical quality control
Forecasting methods
Social statistics
Environmental chemistry
Population studies