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UGC Approved Journal -Call for Papers

Mission of our journal IJR is reaching out to the less fortunate ones who are not able to pursue higher education, especially those belonging to the ‘Muslim Minority Community’. The mission statement is “Education for all”, and our college therefore, admit students with low percentage and nurture them to improve their performance to face the competitive world with confidence and courage.
“Humanise, Equalize, Spiritualize”

Humanize: Treat all living beings equally.
Equalize: Respect each other, observe & practice the value of co-existence.
Spiritualize: Purify & Strengthen minds against Corruption.
Objectives of the College are:
  1. To impart quality education to our students
  2. To develop the self-reliance and determination of our students so that they can respond with courage and sensitivity to personal and social issues
  3. To enhance the overall personality of our students
  4. To generate an awareness of women’s issues, human rights and environmental issues, so that they understand and respond constructively
  5. To encourage Muslim students to develop their religious conviction in an atmosphere of respect for other faiths and for each individual’s personal beliefs
  6. To foster, in our students, a sense of national identity that is secular and multicultural with respect to tolerance and respect for all religions and cultures. We try to foster the goals of the college through the teaching-learning process. We address the needs of the community and national development through research publication and other co-curricular activities.
Send papers for publication to submit2ijr@gmail.com