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The best part about being an indie author is that you get complete control over your book. But with freedom comes a myriad of options. For publishing, should you choose hardcover or paperback? 
The Case for Hardcover
For many people, hardcover books evoke fond memories of libraries. Hardcovers also give a book a professional, weighty look. For indie authors, having a hardcover book can be a great gift or giveaway item. Traditionally, new books from big publishers come out in hardcover first before going to paperback. This serves as a visual cue for reviewers that the book is brand new and worth coverage.
However, it is important to keep in mind that hardcover books come at a high cost. Generally, each of these books sells for upwards of $25. That price point can make them exclusive for many readers and can be expensive upfront.
The Case for Paperback
Paperbacks are a lot more cost-effective and open your work to a wider audience. They often have splashy covers and are a great deal lighter than their hardcover counterparts, which makes them easier to carry or pack
The con for paperbacks is that they are less likely to be reviewed by major publications. When deciding between the two options, it is best to set realistic expectations and determine your target audience.
Whether you choose hardcover or paperback, you need to approach a reliable service provider to make  your book a success. 
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