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ISBN for Books in India

  • Pre-requirements
    Make sure that your book in ready for the ISBN application. In particular
    • Interior book design should be done so you know the number of pages.
    • Book cover design should be ready.
    • You should know whether you want to publish paperback, hard cover or eBook. Each of these formats needs a separate ISBN. So, if you are planning to publish in more than one format, please send an application for each of them.
    • Retail price of the book should be decided.
    Also keep handy the following
    • Self-attested id proof.
    • A copy of the book cover.
  • 2
    Application Template
    Application template is available Here to Download. You can download the one convenient for you.


  • 3
    Application & Attachments
    Complete the application by inserting the details about your book.
    • Title of Book:
    • Author/Editor Name:
    • Publisher: Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd
    • Whether you have published before and if so its ISBN:
    • Whether the earlier book is attached:
    • Year of Publication:
    • Place of Publication:
    • Edition
    • Pages:
    • Price:
    • Subject:
    • Language:
    • Format (paperback, hard cover or eBook):
    • Your address for communication
    • a copy of self-attested id proof (PAN card, passport, voter id card etc.)
    Important Points:
    • Publisher: Please make sure that the publisher's name is Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd.
    • Hardback/Paperback/eBook: Different ISBNs need to be taken for the hardcover, paperback and eBook formats. So, be clear about which version you want the ISBN for.
    • Self-attestation: Remember to self-attest attached documents.
  • 4
    Address for sending the application:
    • Through Mail to editor@edupediapublications.com 
    • Sumit Sharma, Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd, D-351, Prem Nagar-2, Kirari, Delhi - 110065
    • Phone: +91-9557022047 or 9958037887