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Writing research reports is not possible without consulting a number of references like journals, websites, and books. Sometimes, you may end up stating some information from these sources without providing proper citation for them or citing them in a wrong style. This leads to plagiarism in your work. At other times, you may have wrongly quoted someone or may have picked up substantial information from an original source without it being rewritten in your own words and without giving credit to the source. Once again, you do a blunder.

[caption id="attachment_13206" align="alignnone" width="1500"]Plagiarism Removal Services for PhD Scholars Plagiarism Removal Services for PhD Scholars[/caption]

Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” or “imitating” another author’s ideas, thoughts & expressions. While writing the ‘Research Paper’, it’s impossible to not take ideas from a web or any other author. Universities prescribe a certain guideline for the citation of the paper. If you don’t have the right citation & format style, your Research Paper will get rejected for sure.

Could anything be worse for a PhD student other than getting the thesis rejected? And how would you feel when the reason is the plagiarized content, which is unknowingly present in your thesis? University strictly prohibits any sort of plagiarism in the research paper. Since there is no exact possible way to make sure that no other person has done the same thing that you have been thinking to do in your thesis, student unknowingly falls into the trap of plagiarism.

‘Thesis or Research Writing’ already takes a toll on your lifestyle. Opting for “Plagiarism Check & Removal Services” will help you to stay away from all these difficulties. ‘Writing Tree’ provides a service for not just checking but also removes the copied content. We use the best tool like Turnitin to check for plagiarism. We do multiple checks to ensure that the Research Paper delivered by us has no traces of plagiarism. We also provide you the Turnitin report.

Our team of professionals reviews the paper meticulously & removes plagiarized content by paraphrasing/rewriting them in their own words. The entire process is exhaustive where we conduct multiple checks before delivering a plagiarism-free document. Our service will not cost an arm and a leg; it is both affordable & dependable at the same time.

Set your hopes high & never look back on your journey of creating Research Paper because of Plagiarism. Instead, opt for best “Plagiarism Check & Removal Services” to help you. Get all the praises & positive response from your Peers & Professors because you deserve it.

However, you do not have to worry even if you have committed plagiarism blunders. We, at www.pen2print.org ,follow a systematic process of checking your content and surgically eliminating the plagiarized matter. While it is not possible to do away with such a problem completely, we assure that more than 70% of the plagiarized text is treated and rewritten. We make sure that your paper is written genuinely with original ideas and thoughts. Our goal is to integrate all your referred sources and information in your work in an authentic and proper manner. You do not have to bother about boggling your mind with the confusion of citing your sources or quoting rightly at certain places. We do it all for you while removing plagiarism. For this purpose, we follow these steps which comes under our thesis plagiarism removal services:

  • Check matching content: We match the content that you have sent against such similar text present online or in offline resources. We use the latest plagiarism detection software for this purpose. If your text has been published in the past, then it is bound to show after using these tools. Such tools have advanced capabilities of plagiarism detection and report generation, and our professionals very well know the way to take the best advantage of such tools.
  • Paraphrase content: We find all the copied content and its sources, and then we go ahead to revise your content methodically. Our academic writers understand the points that you wish to state, read the concerned resources, and then rewrite using original words. We do not just paraphrase the text using some mechanical tools, but do a thorough revision without changing the meaning of your content.
  • Make corrections and rewrite content: Sometimes, content is so severely plagiarizes that we also have to rewrite the entire content from scratch. However, we retain the essence of the main idea even when we use our own words. On the other hand, a few ideas may simply need corrections because the information is presented wrongly. In these cases, we make relevant alterations or corrections. For instance, if quotation marks have not been used to mention a quote, then we do it precisely.
  • Use Citations : We insert the required citations in your text at proper places, using the suitable citation style and format. If your institution has suggested you to follow a specific professional format, then you may let us know before we start processing your work. We will make sure to comply with the format you give us. Thus, we ensure that no data, idea, or quotation goes into your report without proper citation. We make the required corrections in your bibliography, as well as in-text citations.

Through these three steps, we purge your document and make it plagiarism free.

We cover your entire research report, article, or paper for removing plagiarism so even the abstract and conclusion in it are free of copied content. Send your material to our team and we will do our best to remove plagiarism from it. Write to us at editor@edupediapublications.com or editor@pen2print.org Our professionals will discuss your project and plagiarism removal needs before taking it up. Enquire today to avail our thesis plagiarism removal services.

We shall remove plagiarism in your thesis, dissertation or your research paper. Your document would be checked several times under our online plagiarism removal service to ensure originality and remove plagiarized content and would be replaced by fresh content. Correct citations would be made according to your university’s guidelines and paraphrasing of the existing content would be done in a way that its meaning remains unchanged.

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